1. didn’t this same racist lawyer recently have to apologize for saying “no more black pastors”?! … and he’s STILL objecting to other black people being invited to comfort the still grieving family?!

    1. Hahah comfort to a grieving family. Scumbag Jackson never misses an opportunity bait another hook when it comes to race .

    2. @Gņar “You can’t expect liberals to be educated enough to understand context.” Wow. That is incredibly unkind, and disrespectful, to a person that I assume you don’t know (the OP) and a whole group of people. Remember when we used to be able to have differences of opinions without calling people “idiots” and worse? I do. Stop spreading hate, friend and friends of friend. You are making the world a worse place.

    3. @Gņar seems like you guys are triggered and p based in opinions, take into consideration maybe thats why civility never gets returned back. You got none. Use as many anecdotal evidence as you want to claim this imaginary liberal hurt your feelings but you showed us exactly the context of your character in a couple of sentences. Keep your feelings in check, bud.

  2. Jackson is a race baiter .
    These men who are on trial deserve the key to the city for their actions that day. The community is safer from one less jogger.

    1. If you were a Christian you know you will stand before God to account for your thoughts and actions. Be aware of your heart condition

  3. Jesse is just trying to stay relevant. Made a living off of backing whatever has the best political optics. He could care less.

  4. The defense seems a little intimidated by Pastor Jackson and the judge didn’t even know Mr Jackson was there…

  5. Use Jesse to get a mistrial. Defense gets the aquital, and Jesse gets the relevance he so desperately craves. Win win.

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