1. @Zoluzé He is also a busy many who is older and probably does not have time to take lessons!!! Maybe he does not have an ear for languages!!!!

    1. Consider this guy coming to Toronto and making a speech only in French but saying “Hi, I’m Mr.Rousseau and today I’ll be talking about …” in the beginning… Are you kidding me? What was he expecting from Quebecers?

    1. @Jules Roche-Pilotto His job is to manage Air Canada, he’s not a politician. I’d rather have a competent unilingual(even if french only) vs a mediocre bilingual CEO. That’s not to say there are issues with Air Canada.

    2. @Mohamed Abdourahman companies that have a lot of technology just don’t need french speakers. To support these technologies all the support is in English. So it’s understandable why he doesn’t speak French.

    3. @Jules Roche-Pilotto I lived in Quebec for 7 yrs and tried to learn and speak it BUT the French always switched to English because my accent was not FRENCH!!!

  1. I worked for Air Canada and tried to learn French and when I went to Montreal and spoke French with an English Accent the French switched to English …………….cause I did not have the correct accent!!! THIS IS A NON ISSUE and has nothing to do with respecting the FRENCH or french culture!! NON ISSUE!!!!

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