Air Force mom reunites with kids for "date night" | Militarykind 1

Air Force mom reunites with kids for “date night” | Militarykind


Announcer can't get through this military mom's homecoming surprise without crying
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Tech Sgt. Ladonna Gardner flew all the way home from Qatar to surprise her kids at parent-child "date night" at school.

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  1. To the 1% seeing this have a good day and god bless you and your parents

  2. Wow you got them,
    they didn’t suspect anything was up.
    I loved the looks of surprise on those beautiful
    children’s faces!
    Thank you mom! For serving our country.
    You are an exemplary woman.
    I pray that God will bless your wonderful
    family with good health, prosperity, love,
    joy and peace.

  3. That sweet boys expression made me immediately cry. His little self was more composed than myself, lol.

  4. This is beautiful on every level. An added bonus is this video is a biblical reminder. I automatically thought “John ” when the time stamp was 3:16 in length.

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  6. This isn’t heartfelt; it’s awful, because these kids are growing up desensitized to the notion that their parents are halfway around the world. They don’t even know WHY their parents aren’t there, just that they’re gone.

    I hoped that my generation would be the last to have to experience unexplainable hurts and separation; that was idyllic, I know.

    1. Yeah, while this particular circumstance of yet another reunion video is sweet and emotional, I don’t think a lot of people will bring up the discussion about how the military is arguably idolized and praised far too much here in the United States (especially with the climate related to current leadership). This is a bittersweet and unhealthy relationship that can indeed become desensitized in the U.S. public consciousness…the parent(s) can put the burden of parenthood on another person, which can tend to be more selfish a than selfless contribution to the country’s (likely over-funded) military.
      I think most people would agree a childhood growing up in divorce is not the most ideal and healthy relationship. This is like a divorce, but instead the parents are separated from the child while the marriage is still intact.
      I feel sad for the kids around the world that have to live this way. It must be stressful and emotional.

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  8. This is the kind of news we need more of. Makes you feel good to know that great things like this happen everyday instead of always hearing about the negative.

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