Air Strikes On Day 3 Of New Israeli Government 1

Air Strikes On Day 3 Of New Israeli Government


Israeli aircraft fired missiles at what the military claimed were armed Hamas compounds in Gaza in the Khan Younis neighborhood. Kelly Cobiella reports.
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    1. It has to be. Look at the commenters here, gnashing their teeth for another drip from the spigot.

    1. @Saul T. Nuts that is absolutely happening. Open aired prisons, electricity and water supply control, caloric intake regulations, children, disabled, medics, and press being sniped with exploding bullets, access to medicine only when permitted. Sorry buddy, but your in support of an alt right apartheid state committing genocide

    1. @Avi huh , so racism is fascist . Thought racism was just racism , and nationalism in 2021 is pretty much the new word for racist .. huh ? So again please explain fascism ? And how Israel is fascists . Cause by your logic , then that means both Hamas and Israel are fascists .

    2. @Saint Gremy pls stop. Racism in israel is certainly fascistic.

      Hamas is a red herring and virtually nobody makes excuses for them like u do for israel.

      And its not my logic, just logic. Im sorry if i offended u with facts of reality. I will pray for u

    3. @Avi wow the way you lie to yourself in phenomenal. Did you really just put words in my mouth to be right about your opinion that you claim is facts . You hate Jews and that’s the story here . Good for you , how peaceful you are . I asked a question and so far you put words in my mouth just to answer it . Here in America we are going through the same problem , if you are white you are just deemed racist and a fascist from …. Nobody , but it seems it’s from people like you who just make enemies while preaching they are loving peaceful people . If you weren’t fascist , you wouldn’t call Israel fascist without proving . Portray much ?

  1. Meanwhile, my friend Jacova…aka Princess Messenger of God will just look behind her eyes at the prescient visions. She seems to see 2 years ahead of everyone else. Did you enjoy the pandemic declared global on her birthday March 11….

    1. Who broke the Cease Fire Agreement???? Sounds like the Palestinians used hot air balloons to drop incendiary bombs on Israel. Israel has a right to defend themselves.

    2. @atheist28403 when did the Palestine attack Israel? The last conflict before the cease fire was because Israeli forces stormed their third holiest site with ammunition and gas on one of their most memorable times of the year. No response from Israel decided more of their illegal house replacements and boom….there it is

  2. Why are these two nations fighting against each other ? someone or some force is behind all this.

  3. Strange…
    Headline didn’t say Trump.
    Don’t lose focus now.
    Pretty sure there is no other news to speak of.
    Get it together Msdnc

  4. Shooting fish in a barrel; the usual heroics from The Warsaw Ghetto emulators. Give back the $25.735 billion.

  5. Why are we involving ourselves in a matter that has nothing to do with us. It is none of our business and no one should be taking sides. Division needs to stop over stupid things.

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