Airman strives to fly a F-16 just like her dad | Militarykind

Airman strives to fly a F-16 just like her dad | Militarykind 1


Becoming a fighter pilot is more than a job for this airman. It's a family affair. ✈️
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2nd Lt. Sammi Colombo never imagined that her dreams for the future would follow the same path as her dad. She is one step closer to becoming a fighter pilot.

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22 Comments on "Airman strives to fly a F-16 just like her dad | Militarykind"

  1. Nice
    My cousin joined the military

  2. wow… am first

  3. disgusting. she is an airwoman not airman. stop being sexist

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    Wish her dream come true. Agree? Please say yes.

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    Is the USA preparing for war?

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  12. Excellent! Congratulations, Sammi!

  13. Just wanna fly a drone like the Predator

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