Alabama Doc: We're Seeing More Kids In Hospitals From Covid 1

Alabama Doc: We’re Seeing More Kids In Hospitals From Covid

With Covid cases surging in states with low vaccination rates, Alabama physician Dr. Jeanne Marrazzo says hospitals in her state are seeing more kids being admitted with Covid.
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    1. @dphotos and yes flu, cold,sars,mers, influenza and several other viruses are in the same family, they are all of the Coronavirus family.

    2. @Deborah Freedman You are wrong. Your bodies immunity decrease overtime whether you had a flu vaccine or the flu infection. You do not have immunity for a certain strain for a lifetime. Please research it. Some flu shots only last a season. You should have a seasonal influenza every year to have the best protection against the influenza virus. You can get the shots in July and August but it’s best to get it in September or October so it will have a better chance to last the whole winter season. I do get the shot every year and the last time I got the flu was in 1986.

    3. @T. R. CampbellYes, highest number of deaths in the US from seasonal flu since 2010 is 61,000, lowest is 12,000 in 2011. So at this point Covid was more than 10 times higher than the worst year for flu.

    1. i bet its russian bots! LOL i love when you “people” call others trolls when they are obviously calling out fake narratives, Alot of people i would say most people do not believe what these people say and with good reason. they are all a bunch of liars. they need to scare people so they can justify vaxx maxx kids who do not need it. let me see the videos of sick and dying kids clogging up the hospitals, LET ME SEE IT.

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  1. This absolutely shows how evil these people can be when they use kids to scare. Notice how it’s the ‘cases’, the testing kits we’ll pick up a sniffle. Let’s guess, they are putting kids with colds in the hospital and let’s guess, the kids have health insurance and let’s guess that people are gathering evidence against these bad actors.

  2. Hey, here’s a thought! Have the abortion doctors start helping the less than 2% of Covid patients that are close to death . After all, they are the most experienced at being on the scalpel side of an execution.

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