Alabama Governor Says 'Unvaccinated Folks' Letting The State Down 1

Alabama Governor Says ‘Unvaccinated Folks’ Letting The State Down


Republican Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey issued forceful remarks Thursday that the 'unvaccinated folks' of her state were 'letting us down'.

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Alabama Governor Says 'Unvaccinated Folks' Letting The State Down


    1. @Graham Murray Brainwashed how? You didn’t watch Jen’s press conference today. You were unaware that the White House does not mandate staff to get vaccinated? This was in the press conference today, Jen admitted it after media questioning. It might be that you were the one who is brainwashed.

    2. @Yoel Taveras

      ur sick at heart and in ur mind.
      best u cld do is drop off and stop
      obstructing us who want to live.
      ur real master waits down below,

    1. @John FosterHaha your comment is that of fools! You’re also being a hypocrite! Sure cast judgement & believe anyone against or that doesn’t take the flu shot is a MAGA supporter! The stupidity is the fire people are seeing not some virus that hasn’t done anything near what they have said it has!

    2. @LaKeisha Chestnut Actually she was not following science that was FL & others! Just like saying it’s unvaccinateds fault, that’s not what science says nor what we can clearly see! These treacherous demoRATS that flew to DC have spread the flu to others such as Pelosi! Bahaha what does that science tell you idiots?

    3. @Gordon MacWilliam You sound dumb….I’m not willing to take my chances with being a injury or death for a product….if you wish to chance it do so

    1. @Darth Wiizius Political buzzwords, on a freshly 2 month old account, with no profile picture. How’s the pay, bot?

    2. @Darth Wiizius 99.7% of people who get covid completely recover & most of them don’t even know they had it.

    3. @Bianca Culpo Most people with covid don’t even know they have it. It’s a dud of a “pandemic”

  1. Who would have ever guessed that our personality cult of gaslighting and misinformation would have consequences?

    1. @Tiff’sTravels2012 murders a harmless & defenceless baby. but no one was harmed?? but unvaccinated people are not normal?

    1. She has the thickest accent if it isn’t my Jabra snap of a pepper snake as she would say at her kind would say

  2. Hopefully she goes to the board and tell them the same thing but I doubt it…common sense has long left this country

    1. Actually, Forest Gump was smarter than that because he would’ve done anything to save himself, his love, his mama, and his buddies, including getting a vaccine and making them get one too.

    2. Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.

  3. Everybody have a great day regardless of your political affiliation or vaccination status.

    1. @Bianca Culpo thank you, trying to convince my mom to get me one (I’m only eligible for the Pfizer shot)

    2. @TSB

      ah’m not kidding.

      the fool and the rest of his kind can go…’s past time, too…..their
      holy father awaits them.

    3. @MtGox

      hey, with ur smarts it’s clear a jab wld be wasted on u.
      why don’t u find urself a nice contaminated hospital ward and breath in deep.

    4. @J Hova how thoughtful of a comment. That hateful mentally has killed a lot of people over time! It’s not too late to change my friend!

  4. Maybe Application Dates at the U.S Patent Department would help clarify any discrepancies people may have about the Magical Jabs?

    1. But do you know why it works that way? Because you can’t be trusted to do the right thing. Brain broken.

  5. when this war kicks off, I look forward to when you come after me and my family. We will make sure to stand firm against all of you pushing big pharma! You can put the JAB in your body, but you aint touching mine!

  6. Would be nice if this Anchor Woman shared the facts about what the “rest of the world wants”

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