Alabama Is Now Fighting A Two-Front War, Says Doctor 1

Alabama Is Now Fighting A Two-Front War, Says Doctor

Dr. Michael Saag of the University of Alabama joins Morning Joe to discuss infection and hospitalization rates along with vaccination rates in his state and the fight against misinformation about the coronavirus vaccine.

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Alabama Is Now Fighting A Two-Front War, Says Doctor


  1. In terms of vaccinations, the top 21 states (including D.C.) are all “blue” and the bottom 27 are all “red.” Natural selection at work!

    1. @Tim 78% of New Orleans tax dollars are derived from tourism. This is a larger percentage than any other city in the US.

    2. @David How’s Polio working out for you? Oh, it’s not..? Must be because we vaccinated against it

    3. @Tim Both, he tries to be sarcastic but hasn’t the skill for it or is too stupid to be sarcastic.

  2. If you want to be rich emulate a self-made wealthy person. If you want to physically fit emulate a world class athlete. If you want to live a long life emulate an old person. 80% of those above 65 are vaccinated. Wisdom in action.

    1. @Becky Johnson How many people had complications from the Polio vaccine. ALL vaccine carry a small risk, but the positives outweigh the negatives by millions. Don’t want the vaccine I don’t care but if you do get sick because of ignorance, or it’s my right hope they ignore you when you get to the hospital and make you wait hours in the waiting room.

    2. @Emily Feagin I live on $800 per month. I’ve been vaccinated since March. Let’s be careful not to equate wealth with wisdom or common sense.
      It’s things like education, wealth, concern for others, and plain old patriotism that gets people to do the right thing. Depends on the person.

    3. @Becky Johnson Don’t let them flim-flam you. Listen to the doctors and other health experts. Why listen to people who don’t know anything about medicine or public health?

    4. @Jason Milton Not unless you re-write the U.S. Constitution. You think we’d let y’all do that? You saw what we did when a lynch mob, led by nazis, attacked our nation’s Capitol on 1/6–they’re all in jail, whining about the food, and contemplating living with a federal rap or a prison term.
      The only place trump is going is to a courtroom.

  3. only an agent of an adversarial foreign government would want so many Americans to perish from a preventable disease.

    1. @Keith Johnson – Shelby GT500 vaccnes were already under development in Europe,. Trump expediting it is fake news

    2. @that’s SO ironic!! China’s stats are much better than the US per the Worldometer site. The US has 1900 deaths per million and China 3 deaths per million. Per a few minutes ago I read that 99.999% of those vaccinated do not die from the Covid virus. If you are unvaccinated your chance of dying from Covid19 is 25 times higher than a vaccinated person.

    3. @Dahrun River I agree, I think Trump is responsible for more than half the virus deaths due to his calling it a political hoax that would go away and his attacking Dr. Fauci. Trump is a death machine. He destroys anyone who believes him.

    4. Rand Paul thinks COVID-19 is a biological weapon from China, but he doesn’t believe in wearing a mask and he also thinks the vaccine is optional. That doesn’t make sense.

  4. A Religion is when your Savior is willing to die for you! (Jesus, Muhammad, Moses) A cult is when you’re asked to die for your Savior! (Jim Jones, Charles Manson, Donald Trump)

    1. Then religion is as bad as a cult. BTW Mohammed, Jesus, and Moses did not die for anyone. Moses just died after being screwed by his god, Mohammed just died, and Jesus supposedly didn’t really die at ALL. And BTW, all the cults you reference have always demanded that their followers be willing to die for their “savior”. If you care to examine the idea that some cult leaders are less vile than others, that is a separate issue.

    2. @Insignificant360
      Jesus didn’t die at all if you believe that myth – it was a con game. And if you don’t buy the myth, he was just a con man cult leader (most likely) who could not evade the authorities anymore.

    3. @Keith Riley
      You are a moron Keith. The evidence for the existence of Mohammed is very strong, the evidence for Jesus is nearly non-existent and what little there is is VERY weak. But, like Jesus, who I think did exist, he was just a nutty cult leader who lived and died and should have been forgotten long ago.

  5. The Republican’s can’t lie their way through this one as the grim reaper comes to get them, lies and all.

    1. @Steve Taxpayer

      Allan Burns
      7 hours ago
      In terms of vaccinations, the top 21 states (including D.C.) are all “blue” and the bottom 27 are all “red.” Natural selection at work!

    2. @Reid Fleming, World’s Toughest Milkman More like they can’t “live” their way through this. Stupid is as stupid does, I guess.
      Also, I’ll take two quarts of milk—please, and thank you. (You never want to annoy the world’s toughest milkman! )

    3. @Steve Taxpayer It’s because you can make anything up that you want—doesn’t make it true, of course. It just makes you a liar.

    1. Ha! If trump had been re-elected, Ivy would probably be dead. Think about what trump would have unleashed on the country during his 4 year long vengeance tour.

  6. Trump told Woodward in March 2020, was part of a strategy to deliberately minimize the danger. “I wanted to always play it down,” the president said. “I still like playing it down because I don’t want to create a panic.”

    He didnt want to create a panic bc he didnt want to lockdown or take anti covid measures bc it would hurt his re election.

    1. He was worried it would affect the stock market too and that would hurt his re election. He’s so disgustingly psychopathic and only getting worse.

  7. Ironic that many who aren’t vaccinated reject medical advise but first place they go when they get sick is to their doctors and emergency rooms.

    1. Exactly. They also have no issues with vaccines that is required for kids to go to school, no shirts no shoes, etc.

    2. @Ministry Propragranda so you have a problem with young people making discoveries? My you must live in an Amish family. Do they know your breaking the Amish code by using modern technology?

    1. republicans dont want to play along. they are busy alienating and antagonizing the current ruling party…sore losers

  8. That was a great, plain-talking, straight-shooting doctor. If only Fox would wake up from their Death Storm fog and have him on. What a difference even one appearance could make.

    1. @Mark T Hi, Mike here, our focus is Covid, not Trump, not GOP, simply misinformed people who need help to get vaccinated. Any proposal here?

    2. They wouldn’t let him get any information out of his mouth, they always “gotta go” when the truth is being shared.

    3. @Viestcorp F-G this is very sad, but we are talking how to help people to get vaccinated. Please offer some constructive plan or idea.

  9. Don’t give Kay Ivey a pass- it’s great she’s taking some sense now, but her propping up of lies and propaganda from her Dear Leader Donald over the last year and half has cost many in her state their lives- all for her political gain. Shameful

    1. Agreed! My friends in AL have been complaining about her handling of the crisis since March last year.

    2. @lamontma1 Do you not understand??There is not one virus that everyone had to take a vaccine and here we are today.

  10. What’s funny about DeSantis in Florida is his heavy hand against our health safety is what republicans usually rail against. They apparently have no problem with big brother government if it’s what they want to force on us.

    1. He will stand behind the Floridians
      No masks
      No vaccines – unless you really want it
      No mandates
      No shut down
      80’s hairdo is a YES

    2. The Republican base is filled with morons who don’t realize this. They argue against heavy handed government, while wielding the heaviest hands imaginable

    3. It’s not what they want to force on us.. it’s what they believe will drive their power from the base. Liz Chaney stood up for basic truth. I don’t agree with her political ideology, but I think she’s brave for bucking the party.

    4. Yeah, I don’t get it. Trump’s mishandling of COVID-19 cost him the election. How does DeSantis think it will be different for him?

  11. Ladies, gentlemen, and non-binaries of the South, the next time something important happens, could you please not be jerks for a year and a half before you help out? Thanks.

    1. They claim masks made them lose their freedom. If they weren’t so ignorant we wouldn’t be in this horrible situation. Now we are ALL going to suffer for years!! All because republicans made a “once in lifetime pandemic” political Instead of following quarantine guidelines they were having coughing parades at Target & Walmart 600,000 plus deaths in America from covid and they still continue to lie and hate

    2. We MAGA’s want Freedom!!! Not a mind controlling Mircochip !!
      We can’t wait for our Legit President to be back in the WH!!

  12. It’s amazing that there are people who “educate” themselves about something as serious as COVID-19 via Facebook.

    1. A Facebook posted graphic with some claims on it is as good as an article in Nature to them. Actually they think it’s more reliable because scientists cannot be trusted.

    2. @Donald Donald Really? Then why don’t either of you know that there’s only ONE “D” in MAD MAGAZINE?

    3. @Terrier Queen President Trump wants us Freethinking Patriots to decide for ourselves not Fauci controlling us!!!

  13. De Santis may have political aspirations but his backing of anti-mask and ant-vax sentiments as a political strategy has one major failing point. There is simply not enough stupid to go around. People are beginning to wake up and smell the coffee.

    1. Yes people like desantis are pathetic – lying to people about the dangers of covid for political ambitions and brown nosing points from trump

  14. They were showing the most recent COVID map, and it’s almost identical to the political maps. All of the ‘Red’ States, are the States marked in ‘Red’ as the hot spots for COVID. I wonder what Republican leadership is doing differently than all the rest, that has their states at nearly double the COVID rates of Blue states.

    1. Yeah wasn’t enough for him to put the adult population in harm’s way, now he’s sacrificing the health and well being of children and teens with his anti mask and anti vaccine policies. Takes a special kind of coward to proudly announces child medical neglect policies while patting himself on the back.

    1. Its astonishing the record unvaccinated illegals !! Bidens not following the Silence but MSNBC won’t say anything

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