Alan Yang On Anti-Asian Bias: We’re All ‘Fighting The Same Common Enemy’ | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


  1. Do we know if the thugs sent to cities in America to harass protesters are actually Americans or Russian agents?

    1. @David Hale
      Yes, violence is always bad. And yes, there has been too much violence. But there had been peaceful protests in Portland for over 7 weeks before things started to escalate recently. And now with Trump’s paramilitary getting involved, the escalation is increasing.

    2. Jock Young Hahahaha. Yeah ok. Whatever you say. The last 7 weeks have not been peaceful. There HASNT been a peaceful protest since Michigan. When people protesting against lockdown. Now that was peaceful protest. Not one person attacked. Not one business looted. Not on building burned. Not one person killed. Not one shot fired .

    3. @David Hale
      There have been many, many peaceful protests, and I don’t even understand why you refuse to consider the possibility. It is indeed unfortunate that some people have gotten violent. But why were the people protesting against lock down carrying guns if their intent was entirely peaceful?

  2. I just don’t understand. I lived in a foreign country for 4 years. Being a minority gives you a whole different perspective. Thankfully the people where I live were not obnoxious. They were awesome in fact. I started my stay not being able to distinguish one islander from another because they all looked the same. By the end of four years I could recognize the difference between the Chukkese, Yapese, Ponpheians, Kosreians, and Kapingy Marengi, but all white people looked the same.

    Skin color does not determine whether or not someone is a jerk, or a nice person. Only what is in the heart. It’s time to stomp out hate.

  3. Agent Orange said he’s done more for Asians, Blacks and Latinos (Hispanics) than anyone.

    I think he meant to say he’s done more to incite violence against these ethnic groups than anyone.

    1. “Agent Orange”… best description I ever read for this lousiest worldwide President ever.

    2. @Minnie Minosa You pointed out something most are aware of, but only a small percentage of Asian Americans own stores and those are individuals so I don’t understand why you felt a need to pile on, generalize, and indicate that you could be considered racist because of that remark in addition to the white privilege comment, but I don’t wish to judge, even though you did misjudge me.
      I’m old, part Native American and I was raised in the deep south and when I was young and single I dated every group mentioned and I think I’m probably more open minded than you and I’m anything but naive, so I only have one question for you now.
      Do you like having a racist president that uses derogatory terms when referring to people of color?

    3. @privatejordy first off I am not a ” people of color ” I am a Black person , if you could provide a specific policy from Trump that is designed to hurt solely black American citizens , I would be curious to know what policy that is . If you could also provide any specific speech by Trump that was derogatory towards the black American communities I would also be curious to know that as well .

    4. @Minnie Minosa Sorry, didn’t mean to insult you, but no problem on the policy thing. The Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) was killed because he wants to protect white people in suburbs from Black People

    5. @privatejordy wow , affh , you picked a good one . I believe that policy was initiated 50 years ago and I doubt it did anything good for black people as it was intended, as is evident that 50 years later and we are all still living in our own communities which is by choice , I wouldn’t feel comfortable living in a white community.

  4. Trump’s slogan MAGA actually means
    “Moscow Agent Governing America”

    The agent keeps denying he knew anything about the bounty hunters killing US troops.
    After weeks of this issue surfaced, he and the GOP Senate didn’t do a thing to investigate.

    1. MR DEW
      Putin has gained the ability to interfere in our elections and put bounties on our troops without America doing anything about it

    2. @Jock Young that’s why the Orange volcano must go! Our troops must prevail. We can no longer sit by and let “The Trumps” continue destroy America. Boycott Goya!

  5. This was bound to happen. I knew it since the day it started. Somewhere along the line people were going to start blaming all Asians for COVID-19.

  6. There’s a reason why hate crimes have spiked ever since Trump took office!!

    His racist dog whistles inspire and empower his followers to rise up and commit racists attacks.

    1. @Jock Young why is it racist to say the facts, it came from a wet market where they sold animals that the western world would consider eating as unhumane. what is racism about that

    2. @Richard Reynolds I wonder what MLK would say if he saw the actions that define your character. Dolt.

    3. @MR DEW
      Many westerners eat wild animals as well. Most Chines can’t afford much meat, so they take what they can get. But the fact that some of them enjoy a different menu than you is not cause for prejudice. Comments like “kung flu” are intended to invoke prejudice against all Chinese people

    4. @Keith Johnson – Shelby GT500 Well that’s a load of crap that you cut and pasted from some ideologue’s rant. You didn’t make that nonsense up yourself I imagine.

  7. It might help if Individual 1 stopped using ‘kung flu’ and ‘chy-na’ virus. Besides, it may have originated in Wuhan, but Agent Orange has welcomed it in and made it comfortable.🤷

    1. And this is exactly why people have been telling him that. Trump doesn’t understand OR care about the connection.

    2. kung flu came from china because of their discusting eating habit they should pay compensation to all americans who did loose their jobs

    1. kung flu came from china because of their nasty eating habits, they should pay compensation to the whole world

  8. I hope these incidents brings awareness to Asian-Americans that this is a fraction of the racism that Black people have had to deal with in the U.S. every day for centuries. You’re only the “model minority” when it serves the purposes of denigrating another disenfranchised group and upholding the current systems. Otherwise, you’ll get the racism too such as in this situation.

    1. Every time blacks protest, yellow and brown should be there to support, Trump and his ignorant base hates them all!

  9. “I felt so violated” someone was just mean to you, you’ll be fine. The greyscale, the sad music, the overdramatized speech, it’s so cringeworthy and shamelessly manipulative. I support the message and all, but this ad is just so cringeworthy and shamelessly manipulative. You can present yourself better.

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