'Alarming situation' in struggling Kashechewan but help slow in coming: chief 1

‘Alarming situation’ in struggling Kashechewan but help slow in coming: chief


Mushkegowuk Council Grand Chief Jonathan Solomon on why the majority of COVID-19 cases are among children.

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    1. If that is how you deal with the problem in your life, then I feel so sad for you. If you want to sit around and do nothing, go for it. Whine about it. But don’t bring others into your little sad pit.

      As someone who lives in Kashechewan and sadly has covid, I can tell you that this is very hard to just “deal with.” I’m isolating in my own room. I can’t see my siblings. I can’t see my mom. I can’t see anyone for comfort or for anything, really.

      I have severe depression and anxiety. So, imagine how I must be feeling about this whole situation while also dealing with it. My depressive episodes and anxiety/panic attacks were finally under control before lockdown happened again. I finally felt normal, but when covid suddenly started spreading like wildfire, it came crashing down all over again.

      It’s so hard to just “deal with it”, Nigel. We all don’t have the same privileges as you do. I think you need to check yourself before bashing on others. You don’t need a young adult to tell you this.

  1. Doesn’t it seem like it’s all connected, and like these “brave”, “intrepid”, “laser focused” news “experts” just have some preternatural ability to string one thing they insist is culturally relevant to another thing they insist is culturally relevant? As if to say, “I’ll tell you what’s important, and you’ll believe me”?

  2. repeal the state of emergency law. the province is abusing a obviously flawed law which is being abused. this will never end unless it is repealed.

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