Alberta doctor expects ‘doubling’ of cases in coming weeks as province struggles to contain COVID-19 1

Alberta doctor expects ‘doubling’ of cases in coming weeks as province struggles to contain COVID-19


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    1. @Tariko Benwalid No u. PCR tests are a valid testing technology, though not quite adequate in themselves. I find your unreasonable hatred of them humorous.

    2. @Tariko Benwalid Explain what EPT’s are and how they completely debunk your nonsense please.

      In the future if you’re going to be speaking on a subject, maybe you should know at least a little about it.

  1. ‘Alberta Doctor makes assumption based on inaccurate Covid modeling’. Fixed the title for you guys

    1. @Sainte Jeanne d’Arc “their models have been wrong” then point out the mistake. “You are a fool for not noticing” and you’re a fool for not explaining what you’re talking about.

    2. 98% RECOVERY RATE
      995,881 cases in Canada
      972,525 (98%) RECOVERED
      23,356(2%) Deaths
      23,356(Deaths) / 38,189,999 (Canada’s Population) =
      0.061157372640937% of Canadas population dead from C19….. allegedly.

    3. @Sven K Got citations? If not, I don’t have cares to give you. Weigh the numbers dude. How many doctors are contradicting mainstream COVID messaging? Not many. That’s why they call it a mainstream. You dont have secret medical knowledge and youre not smarter than all the doctors.

    4. @Joshua Peters Truthfully, we are fools to expect anything but psychobabble from them. I do appreciate your shared enthusiasm for calling out these shitheads, though.

    5. “Doctor is a quack because he’s not telling me what I want to hear.” Re-fixed it for you.

  2. Yes the “indefinite strengthening of measures”. It’s never strong enough, like the virus is just going to go away.

    1. @Zach Carter like the virus cares whether you go to the store for food during lockdown or not ….. you’re a SCHILL get stuffed

    2. @Zach Carter the only way to stop this is to burn down all CL4 biolabs where sars2covid is being “researched” by ESSENTIAL eugenicists

    3. @ReligionlessFAITH

      No u starve the virus out ….
      The virus cant survive long without a host

    4. @Zach Carter What if we sacrifice our fist born to this virus – would our family be safe?

  3. Cases, what are the cycle set at today, 40 or maybe even 50 to get the results they need to continue – the only question I have is, who in the Hell are taking all these tests?

    1. @Marcus Williams The creator of the PCR test said this test is unable to detect infections…What more proof do you need?…Look up Kary Mullis. It amplifies genetic material…dead or alive foreign, or present …It is incapable of telling if you have an active infection. It can only hint at infections if the cycles are low

    2. @Crabby R Do you know the differences between diagnostic PCR we use today and the method Kary Mullis invented in the 80s? Of course his original protocol was not capable of diagnostics, we have obviously changed it to make it more suitable. Do you know what those changes are? Did the covid denialists you blindly follow actually explain to you the science ?

    3. @Marcus Williams He died in 2019, look up his more recent commentary not the 1980’s…Actually I love science , I dont follow I learn, how about you?

    4. @james harlow I know covid denialists love to cite Kary Mullis criticism of PCR diagnostics, but do you even understand the science? Can you explain to me the exact science of why PCR is not appropriate for diagnostics, or are you just relying on authority bias? Why do you believe Kary Mullis and not every single public health official in the world when you don’t even understand the science behind what they are talking about?

    1. Yep bad messaging from the government will cause doubling of cases and probably deaths. Lol.

    2. Exactly. If he wrote to say double
      It will be double. If triple it will be triple. This is why it will never end.

    3. @Jordan Silver it’ll never end because it’s a virus, virus’ never go away they just come back in different strands we all know this it’s grade 6th stuff…

    1. @Amelia Bedelia
      You wanna talk about crackerjack science degrees Amelia?
      Let’s talk about the pseudo junk science called vaccines!

    2. @Marcus Williams
      If I didn’t know what a cycle is I wouldn’t have asked. The results of PCR tests above 30 cycles are to be looked at very carefully because of the amount of cycling, this is why theres an overwhelming amount of false positives.

    3. @The Transient TwwwJ explain how more “cycles” lead to higher false positivity. We’ve been using PCR diagnostics for over 20 years, but I would love to hear covid denialists explain the science.

  4. Little tip. If you are trying to convince the populace that everything is above board, maybe don’t get a Dr that looks and sounds like Dr Evil from Austin Powers.

  5. I know that doctor hates my guts, but I’m willing to bet theres someone he’d much rather see dead.

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