1. Still holding on to emergency powers though. Able to drop the hammer on your basic rights and freedoms at the drop of a hat.

    1. The federal government had emergency powers not the Albertan provincial government… Kenney was against it the whole time.

    2. The fact that Kenney hasn’t fired “Dr.” Hinshaw yet tells you this is a public relations show. If cases go back up, restrictions will be back quickly.

    1. They protested for 3 weeks in Ottawa and nothing changed in hospitals there and you’re saying it’s going to take off because of lifted restrictions. Right go back to your rock and hide

    2. I hope the mask mandate is here to stay forever. I enjoy nothing having to smell cuckservatives.

    1. We should have relied on the expert medical advice of Kyrie Irving, Nicki Minaj, and Aaron Rodgers.

  2. We are seeing the same for NS for March 21st.
    But still not dropping the ” state of emergency “.

  3. Will you look at that. The pudgy little fellow is making a decision He must be showing off because his Mom and Dad aren’t home. Ha ha ha.

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