Alberta NDP alleges Premier Danielle Smith co-ordinated political interference

Video suggests Alberta Premier Danielle Smith spoke to prosecutors about getting charges dropped for a controversial pastor.

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  1. things that make you go hmmm…Alberta one of the provinces not interested in Trudeau climate change ..pipeline leak…now this what is going on???

    1. The fact that Smith is calling this “defamation” when it is a recording of her own words shows she knows what she said was inappropriate. Why would you not want an investigation?

  2. It’s time for an investigation, Smith will choose who does the investigation. If it works for Trudeau it must be acceptable.

    1. Investigation of what? Its literally a recording of her voice. If that doesn’t change anything, then you get to shut up and quit crying about “Trudeau” when you’d still vote for a woman who’s literally recorded discussing all the ways she’s interfering with an active criminal prosecution.

  3. Listen to the conversation in its whole context.. she says she cannot influence the courts.. the courts are independent.

  4. I like this woman even more now. My greatest shame in life is that I once voted for the ndp. Sorry everyone.

  5. I hate when they try to demonize anyone who is against the ‘system’. I’m happy Danielle was against the senseless restrictions and discrimination we endured during the pandemic.

  6. How is that supposed to be interference? Ahahaha, the criteria prosecutors are supposed to look to before laying charges is as follows

    Is it in the public interest?
    Is there a reasonable likelihood of conviction?

    She literally just said she asked them to do what they’re supposed to be doing.

  7. Cover up for Trudeau some more please, we need more distractions. Way to go Smith, keep up the “interference” it’s working.

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