Alberta Premier Jason Kenney's full remarks on Keystone XL pipeline 1

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney’s full remarks on Keystone XL pipeline


Alberta Premier Jason Kenney says cancelling the Keystone pipeline will lead to the U.S. depending on 'OPEC dictatorships' for oil in the future.

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    1. @Ilya Volkov This technically doesnt do much for Canada, the lost costs of the new pipeline is absorbed by Alberta and they could just use the current pipeline that this one was replacing.

    1. @Power Ranger Allllrighty, please tell me where Alberta is gong to get the 70 billion it needs to retire the unproductive oil wells?
      What was that you were saying about being a shill?

    2. @Mumford Munsley it’s the oil companies that pay for the decommissioning and abandonment of old wells and well sites. Use to be on a crew that did clean ups and reclamation.

    1. @Richard Mc Several countries have. When the pandemic hit, it shined a light on how dependent we are on foreign nations for medicines and essential supplies.

    2. @Richard Mc Canada had to buy N95 masks from the USA. We have no industry here; just resource sales, finance, IT, and support/retail.

    3. @Nature and Physics No we don’t but Ontario also destroyed a warehouse full of them when they expired without having them replaced the summer before the pandemic. A surplus we put aside after Sars for any future pandemics.

    4. Labour + taxes + lawyer liability costs = no tertiary industry.

      Sell it off raw = Ankle grab, take it raw.

    1. I owe my soul to the company store!

      @Keegan Webster Is it better to be a contractor, a small businesses and take al the risk of investment, into, the company, only to suffer repo’s, and then auctions by the banks, who are backing the oil companies and not the little guy!

    2. @kt cool They do. It increases cost and stifle innovation across the board. Your not getting innovation through a union.

  1. He’s a fool for betting taxpayer money into a cross border development stage project. The Alberta government doesn’t control whether this project can go forward or not, so why does he think that he can do a better job in evaluating the risk-reward of an investment than the professional fund managers and investment bankers? He was elected to manage a government, not to make commercial investment decisions outside of the country. Someone, please look into whether there are conflicts of interest or corruption in the deal!

    1. @Alan Macphail Heavy oil from Alberta was moved through BC through the Panama Canal to the largest Canadian refinery in St. John NB. Right now 45% of all oil in Quebec is the heavy oil from Alberta through Line 9. Canadian oil in Quebec went from 8% to 45% with the reversal & expansion of Line 9.

    2. @Wayne Polk oil will go to 100+ per barrel mark my words, they wiped out all the investors in the recent crash, I trade oil on the CME I follow it every day.

    3. @jeff fielding No not $100.00 per barrow, I hope not! Oil is cheap, cheap, cheap, right now!
      But we are still paying $1.20 per liter, on Vancouver Island. WTF!

  2. Why is he acting like a spokesperson for oil companies? GM just announced billion of dollars worth of investment on electric vehicle industry in Canada.

    1. Because he an Alberta politician and thinks that Canada is completely dependent on AB oil more so than any other resources, nevermind the forestry and fishing industry, diamond mining or any other of tons of resources the country has.

    2. There is a heck of a lot more to oil than civilian auto gas. Besides EVs globally are only 10% of the market. It will take a long time… if ever… that all ice engines are replaced.

  3. Ken, you have 35mil customers here in Canada, get a refinery and than we can sell gas, oil and other petroleum products. stop selling raw materials just to by back as finished products.

    1. Refineries are a long term low margin high maintenance investment, this is why Canadians haven’t been constructing them.

    2. The land is already cleared for a refinery to be built in Fort McMurray, Alberta Canada. Then the oil price crash, project stopped. Keystone XL and Trans Mountain possibly revitalize said refinery. That happens jobs will come back, economic positivity, growth of infrastructures, etc.

    3. The demand if for heavy feedstock for the refineries in the Gulf Coast. They were built on the expectation of Venezuela and Mexico increasing production to feed those refineries. In the absence of that, they need bitumen from Alberta. Further Asian markets are the same, they don’t have demand for gasoline or naptha or what have you, they want heavy, unrefined product. So build a refinery, do you not need pipelines to carry the refined product as well?

    4. @Cliff Prentice Alberta has 5 with another on the way. State of the art. Refinery capacity is not the problem. That’s misinformation.

  4. Wait. What? Kenny sounded like he’s making a commercial for an environmental group. Where’s he been for the last 20 years?

  5. Remember when Kinder Morgan was going to sue Canada over the pipeline.

    Pepperidge Farms remembers.

    I wonder what its worth now that some work has been done.

  6. He sounds like a liberal all talk no action corruption corruption corruption……we are fk if we don’t stand up together.

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