Alberta 'the exhaust pipe of North America': Dave Philips | Wildfire smoke choking Edmonton, Calgary 1

Alberta ‘the exhaust pipe of North America’: Dave Philips | Wildfire smoke choking Edmonton, Calgary

The smoke continues to impact air quality and has now led to the cancellation of some outdoor events. Touria Izri reports.

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    1. @JAYROCK Alberta has some of, if not the highest standards and greenest oil production in the entire world but ok. I suppose you think importing dirty Saudi oil across the ocean is somehow cleaner. Trudeau does cause he’s a genius

    2. @JAYROCK you don’t think old growth forests naturally burn once they reach a certain size and age? You don’t think the beetles turning massive swaths of forest in bc into tinder causes the fires to become bigger than usual? You don’t think the idle no more idiots who stop the logging and refuse to sign on to logging projects, which in turn prevents these fires from being as large plays a part?

      You’re being brain washed

    3. @Anon Ymous You don’t think the earth is round? You don’t think climate change is real? You don’t think it’s getting way hotter, earlier, every year? You don’t think this is normal?

    4. How do you stop lightning from hitting the ground? You don’t think there was forest fires in the past. I remember when a flood was a flood and a drought was a drought and not climate change. And guess what it was happening back in the day too.

    1. It’s not calling Alberta down. Saying that getting smoke coming in from other provinces is like being an exhaust pipe is an apt metaphor.

    2. @Colin Deal No, it is definitely a continuation of an unjustified assault on the western province. Southern Ontario puts out far more pollution than the whole of Alberta, yet no headlines like that.

    3. @Gladius You didn’t understand at all. This report wasn’t about Alberta producing pollution. It was about smoke from wildfires in other places moving into Alberta.

    1. @Jacob Mar do you even understand the cycles in nature that cause old growth forests to burn naturally once they get big enough and old/dry enough?

      Do you understand the pine beetles in bc destroying huge amounts of forest, turning it into a giant tinderbox also exasperates those fires?

      The forestry industry reduces or outright prevents those fires, but the idiots stopping them have ensured the fires will happen.

      Climate change isn’t the reason.

    2. Does it? I know someone who lives in Edmonton. She’s never experienced anything like this.
      I live in Tucson Arizona. Yes, it’s a desert, but it’s the hottest in my recollection, here too.

      The point isn’t to be afraid, but yes the news naturally isn’t pleasant, so stay away if you’re prone to anxiety and panic attacks. The point is to stay informed, if you can deal with the information.

      No one said climate change is the _only_ reason these things are happening, but it seems simply stubborn denial to not acknowledge it as a HUGE contributing factor. The science is plain. All you have to do is look at the writing on the walls and see where it leads.

  1. This is depressing. We were having an amazing start to summer. Covid is being obliterated here, vaccinations are suppressing this virus and greatly reducing hospitalizations, and yet the wildfires have ruined our outdoor summer. :/

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