1. Trucker protest gave them a taste of ensuing unrest, which made them do a 180 from the direction they started heading a couple months ago, and set them back on the path they promised.

    2. Except you still need a mask on public transit, unless you can find a doctor to assess you for an exemption. Which means I still can’t take public transit, at least not officially, which means I can’t take it anywhere further than I can walk.

      ETA: Maybe I can walk to the public library (only one hour each way) and actually go inside? Oh, wait, Edmonton bylaw.

  1. That’s odd. I lifted my own mask mandate, as well as all other restrictions 20 months ago. I didn’t realize it was even up to Premier Kenney. What has everyone else been doing this whole time?? 🤷‍♂️

    1. Awesome, i never had one imposed on myself. I am a contractor and if the customer required me to wear one i did…around my chin..it was pathetic. But on my own schedule, never.

  2. Well he’s got a review coming up that’s why he’s caring all of a sudden… hopefully he gets replaced with brian .

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