Alberta won't consider provincial sales tax amid surging fiscal challenges 1

Alberta won’t consider provincial sales tax amid surging fiscal challenges


Alberta Finance Minister Travis Toews discusses the province's latest budget and if the government would consider a provincial sales tax.


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    1. @MrTheclevercat Liberals will never understand how money works. They just spend spned speed while the middle class falls future behind the rich

    2. @Drizzt lol ok, last time I checked u don’t have much of an economy over their, and whens the last time alberta was reconized by canada….oh wait..I can’t recall.

      We don’t need u…the money can be cut off we would still do quite well.

      If I think alberta is needed, sadly mistaken, cuz clearly quebec and ontatio don’t give a fk about u…and now the usa president biden.

    3. @Cole Slol keep telling yourself that dirt bag. I’m from east coast and moved out here and realized what a fuckng joke the east is

    1. Yeah, like spending 1.5 billion on an investment that had a 50/50 chance of success after years of delays, and blaming everyone else but themselves when it failed.

    1. @Sarcastic70 The Rockies won’t stop rising sea levels.

      If you really want to think that tho… the water will come from the North anyway.

    1. Why would you only tax brakes for the rich? I would tax their wheels, tires, oil and lube changes, air filters, fuel…. basically all of their vehicle expenses.

  1. I suppose a 40% inflation rate is wonderful for our health as long as we saved a dumb boomer. Baby Boomers, when your pension doesn’t buy groceries and rent anymore, you only have yourselves to blame.

  2. Every year Alberta Govt has been mismanaging billions in the budget. Even after extreme cuts, they fail to balance anything. By introducing the provincial tax, budgets will surely get worse. If UCP govt is serious about balancing budgets, let’s start in getting rid of the “War Room” they created. 30 Million dollars saved per year.

    1. Wish it were that easy. Alberta is having a referendum regarding that theft,,, err, transfer in October I believe.

  3. Why should alberta consider a sales tax., it’s tim Quebec starts paying back all the money they received

    1. Lol. I agree Eduard. Tho not in your life time, your kids life time, your grandkids life time n great grandkids life time will this ever happen until the seats in parliament are proportionally equal!!!!

    1. @perdst yes it should and with that in mind tell Quebec to stfu and build the energy east pipeline and tell the “environmentalists” in the west to suck it up and build the western line. We can’t provide for a country if we are choked at both ends.

  4. I don’t know why everyone is in such an uproar??? Don’t all you know that the budget will just balance itself?

  5. Alberta needs to run the province with the vision that Natural resources are not available to fund government programs.
    Health care, social services programs need to be fixed. Albertans have no stake in saving health dollars. Hospitals, health care workers, have no stake in saving health care dollars either. I know doctors discharge patients early to save money, but many times the patient either dies, becomes more sick and returns costing more than keeping the patient till he is well enough to go home. All is possible.

  6. Where do you go from here??, you ship all the oil by more dangerous methods like trucks and trains. The demand is still there!!

  7. Oil and Gas boom is just around the corner. Very bright future ahead for Alberta. Just need to take full advantage of the boom and be fully prepared for the BUST!

    1. An oil and gas boom oil has been on a 12 year down trend anyone still using and focusing there business on oil will get what they deserve, imagine having an economy based around natural gas and oil

  8. I dare any other province to give what Alberta has and not be a little salty… just think about it. They might be a little pissy, but I would be too!

    Understand why they are saying what they are, not just get offended. (Yes it’s your right to be offended and triggered)

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