'Alberta's disorganization is everyone's emergency': Hospitals swamped by COVID-19 surge 1

‘Alberta’s disorganization is everyone’s emergency’: Hospitals swamped by COVID-19 surge


Dr. James Talbot and Dr. Joe Vipod break down the situation in Alberta where the entire hospital system is in crisis.

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    1. I love my job as a baby delivery nurse. I wouldn’t want to be my sister though stuck on a covid ward as an ICU nurse

    2. @GNR 1978 Forever Quebec is offering an extra $12,000 for any nurses that start working there. I hope she takes care of herself.

  1. John Pilger has a great documentary on “Death of the NHS”. Let’s protect our Universal healthcare system we only got it in 73? It can be taken away

    1. @light bulb that’s in windsor, ontario. maybe the helicopter from alberta can refuel in windsor on its way to toronto

  2. Well hospitals wouldn’t be swamped if Trudeau spent some of that 7bn he gave air Canada or the 8 billion in foreign aid he increased….. they could’ve built many hospitals and beds but no that doesn’t give a political edge to anyone in power…

    1. @FSMonster so you’re saying the federal govt shouldn’t give money to the provinces earmarked for the healthcare system just because ? What a great logic you have clown

    2. @FSMonster It’s common practice that federal governments provide relief funds and resources to provinces or states in a state of emergency.

    3. Wrong. You can thank Jason Kenney and the UCP party for all the cuts they made to Alberta Healthcare during a pandemic.

  3. Maybe they should try some early treatment care instead of waiting until you can’t breath! We’ve had two years and you are telling me nothing works? When you sick you can even see a Dr.!

    1. @Ashley Dolin So you don’t have the title of the published study? That’s to bad. Guess you’re just making ridiculous claims.

  4. Imagine calling an event where large swathes of the population gather into little clumped spaces over the course of a day, and then being surprised when cases spike.

    1. Like trudeaus campaign stops when he had to move indoors so no one could throw pebbles at him, Do you think the news will ever tell of the covid cases that come out of those events?

    2. @trudeaubelongs inhell Well, I can think of *one* news place that might push him on it, but they got destroyed by facts and logic when he decided they weren’t journalists, and made them sue their way into being able to show up and ask questions

    1. Ofc.. things need to be open. Get the economy going now the vaccines are around. Gotta move forward with the tools. Not close everything even with vaccines and stay backwards

    1. @Cary Francis Is a Mask That Covers the Mouth and Nose Free from Undesirable Side Effects in Everyday Use and Free of Potential Hazards?”

      “In our work, we have identified scientifically validated and numerous statistically significant adverse effects of masks in various fields of medicine, especially with regard to a disruptive influence on the highly complex process of breathing and negative effects on the respiratory physiology and gas metabolism of the body”

    2. masked up…. washed hands, distancing…. over 70 percent jabbed and now they need helicopters…. maybe it’s the hand sanitizer /s

    1. And start treating the covid with well known, effective treatments. The Canadian Medical Association is so uneducated and inept. Its so sad for the patients. They said “the house is on fire” – they just collect their fat paychecks and let the house burn down. What have they done to stop the virus ? Absolutely Nothing.

  5. According to Alberta Health Services website ” The average number of beds occupied by patients in 2021 to date is 90%”
    Just to give you an Idea of how “swamped” we are in 2018 pre covid we were at 93%…..

    1. @Bon Non urgent surgeries like brain tumour operations and kidney transplants. Yeah, I know I’m not a doctor but those seem pretty urgent. Also, doesn’t take a surgeon to treat covid.

    2. @Guy Pierce No, you’re clearly not a doctor.. I’m in health care and let me tell you a few basic facts. Brain tumour operations and kidney transplant surgeries are less urgent than a ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm or a massive heart attack. of course they are urgent, but can be delayed for a few weeks… And you’re right, it doesn’t take a surgeon to treat covid, but all of these surgeries require patients to be put unconscious and they need ventilators and anesthesiologists, which are of course badly needed for the covid patients. and many major surgeries like brain, heart etc require the patients to be monitored and put on ventilator etc in the ICU for several days after in order to make a recovery… so it’s not about the surgeon at all my friend… a surgery requires surgeon, surgical assistants, surgical nurses, anesthesiologist, ventilators, specialized equipment etc, which are ALL needed for the surge of unvaccinated covid patients….

    3. @Bon “Surge” lol, wonder which news channel you got that from
      May 2, 2021 in Canada: 3% is fully jabbed, 3,047 hospitalizations, 1,386 covid ICU patients.
      September 20, 2021 in Canada: 70.4% is fully jabbed, 1,558 hospitalizations, 715 covid ICU patients.
      Is this thing on? You’re saying it’s time to freak out now when over the last 18 months ICU patients have been higher multiple times in multiple different waves? Maybe don’t lay off the healthcare workers who have been working since March 2020 who don’t want the experiment???
      Use that brain of yours.

  6. It’s ok for Ontario cases to be rising, and to have an election in the middle of this.. Let’s see where the cases are in 2 weeks from now, in Canada.

  7. Breast cancer patients dying due to being ignored and abandoned. Why ,??? No medical treatment…Exemptions need to be made for cancer patients now…This is heartbreaking news

  8. Isn’t it strange how the protected need to be protected from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to use the protection that didn’t protect the protected?

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