Alberta's health minister and family swarmed on Canada Day 1

Alberta’s health minister and family swarmed on Canada Day

Alberta's health minister, his wife and children were swarmed and jeered by protesters during a Canada Day celebration in Southeast Calgary.

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  1. Bringing somebody’s children into it?
    What about everybody else’s kids?
    The fact that pedophiles have been released?

  2. His family isn’t safe when he cares nothing for theirs. They were not harmed, Canadians aren’t savages. We don’t hurt kids for political means…unlike politicians who hurt ours for their own profit.

    1. @Shaarinya implied that he was profiting…not big corporations. Now, either you have some proof that Shandro has personally profited from the lockdowns or you don’t. Which is it?

    2. @Shaarinya …ok…in other words you just like to make accusations without any actual evidence…cool….enjoy your weekend

    3. @Blair p He thinks speaking your mind in public, while there are kids around, is verbal abuse towards those kids. smh

  3. Unfortunate for your kids.. Kind like how you arrested a pastor in front of HIS kids? Poor bourgeoisie getting accosted by the plebs.

    1. @MrBoratWOW You only think you do. There’s a reason why that pastor wanted to continue holding his masses and it had to do with maintaining his influence on his followers.

    1. @Sa’be are you talking about the ministry who refused to follow public health measures?
      How does this guy have anything to do with that Minister’s behaviour?

    1. @lord of purgatory if you live in the same city as this Minister and received the same warnings, yes.

    2. @Richard So should Shandro and Kenny and the rest of the gang be arrested for the same standard? How about just a fine? Do you think they should face any repercussions at all for breaking the “law”?

  4. Pushing someone close to the edge, don’t be surprised when you’re coming along for the ride!

  5. Well deserved “protest” of citizens and there children effected by blind blanket lockdowns that have ruined generations of families for decades in provinces that had very low positive cases.

  6. So ministers just need to drag their kids around everywhere with them to avoid criticism….

    1. @Rick So why did they do that? Why did they attack him with his family? He’sa politician and maybe you don’t agree with him but you don’t act like a pack of animals. Shame on them.

  7. so we cant bring your kids into it but you can bring our kids into it whenever you feel like closing schools, daycares, sports and everything else they love

    1. @T M that’s literally impossible for most Canadians. I’m a cabin crew member married to a firefighter. I guess you should ride on your own planes and put out your own fires?

    2. @Kyla Fallon If it’s impossible for you to raise and care for your own children then you’re part of the problem.

    3. @Kyla Fallon Yes you should send them off to a residential school. Those children are very lucky indeed.

  8. Folks can disagree with policy, but when the citizenry is prevented from enacting meaningful change and charged for speaking out about it you get this.

  9. Ha! Notley commenting on the kids being involved IS HILARIOUS….where was she when police arrest a Paster at his home in front of his kids and then they GO AND ACTUALLY LOCK THE PASTOR UP!!!

  10. A pastor was surrounded by cops and physically arrested in front of his crying children, being yelled at in front of your children is no big deal.

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