1. #1. You NEVER point a gun at anyone. On movie sets they usually have it pointing slightly away from the target. No common sense here at all. Casual use of a fire arm is irresponsible.

  2. Why would there be LIVE rounds or real bullets on a movie set?
    Was the person who loaded the gun the same person who handed the gun to Baldwin?

    1. He pointed the gun at the crew!!!!! Who cares who handed the gun. Baldwin is a complete dirtbag it’s nothing new.

    2. @imaimashii1 The crew was in the line of sight behind the camera. Alec was given a gun and was told to fire it. It was part of the scene. Think what you want of Alec but he literally just did what he was told.

  3. Probably a revolver if it is old western. Anyone responsible for loading it knows what the difference is between a blank and real round. Anyone properly trained knows never to point even blank loaded guns at anyone. A responsible shooter would also check for themselves what their gun is loaded with. This stinks, so why? What is the reason of this “accident” that is not an accident?

    1. Aber warum?!🤔🤔 Gestern schon alle Nachricht Sender gegeben.!! Und gezeigt dass!!😯😯🤔🤔

  4. This guy does not really sound like a firearms expert…
    He did not even mention previous incidents (deaths eg. Brandon Lee, The Crow) from blank round firing.. Usually due to wadding material impacting someone.

    1. Hollowed-out cartridges are often used to film close-ups of a gun being loaded, The police investigation into Lee’s death concluded that a tip of one of the cartridge’s bullets broke off from the cartridge and lodged in the gun, then fired at Lee along with the blank. It wasn’t “The wadding”.

  5. Why do the blank rounds need to be so powerful anyways ?

    All that’s needed is a small pop, a bit of smoke as necessary, then add the sound effects in post production.

  6. It was 99% a revolver like in a western ya know, you can see the bullets. Bet someone was shooting targets with it prior.

  7. Rumor has it he was using the gun for target practice with live rounds, and because he had a bender the night before he forgot to have the gun loaded with dummy rounds.

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