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    2. You guys don’t think we see these comments on every video? With the same generic responses? LoL and they have nothing to do with the video

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  2. He …baldwin needs to be held accountable. He shot and killed someone. He was the top dog directer responsible for all actions on that set to include safety.

  3. Thats what happens when there are zero safety precautions….The priority is always $$$ not safety.

    1. sergio v and deplorable 1381 greg. first of all, arrest him for what and a shmuck is in the eye of the beholder and you two qualify with honors. trump killed 3 people on jan 6th and he will never see a jail cell and that is also in the eye of the beholder. those are opinions that brave soldiers fought so we ( you and i ) could express ourselves without fear of being arrested. trump runs these brave people down every chance he gets. instead of listening to right wing media use your computers and educate yourselves, the truth is out there and being too lazy to look for it is not an excuse.

    2. @Denis Lessard You are obviously delusional and have issues. Bladwin is a schmuck and thats fact. his day will come….


    1. This is what happens when the studio is cheap and hires amateurs instead of people who has decades of experience for someone who works with props. Funny thing the person who’s job it was to make sure everything was a prop was hired out of nepotism

  5. Alec definitely not going to say it wasn’t an accident. It was an accident. We all know thst. But recklessness on Alec poor choices for a criminal. 24 yr ok’d Armorer. Wtf does a veteran movie star decides that.

    1. He’s an actor, he is thinking about acting, not, is this movie gun they just handed me, loaded with live ammunition.

    2. @tony growley Any professional that works with firearms should be trained in firearm safety. Everyone who’s taken a NRA gun safety class know this. Alec skipped that part because he thought he knew better. Any responsible gun owner knows this guy is a POS.

    3. @tony growley doesn’t matter. If you EVER handle a firearm, you always check it yourself. Even if I am a gun store, I always check to see that it is empty, and I never point it at anyone. It’s not because I expect it to be loaded (it shouldn’t and won’t), but because it’s a simple safety measure you should ALWAYS practice when handling a firearm.

  6. The hatefulness is astonishing, it almost looks like there is no decency left. All the respect and empathy is gone what is left is venom that spreads like a wildfire. Dear God save us from the evil among us.

    1. Your god is a mythological character. What is this evil you are whining about? Nothing evil about an accidental shooting.

    2. @tony growley I don’t mean the shooting, that was a tragic accident! I mean how gruel people comments are on Twitter even in the comments below. Feel free to insult me about God it doesn’t change my faith!

  7. All the people who want to blame Alec Baldwin are just mad about his trump impersonation. Who would hand a gun that is loaded with live ammo, to an actor in a movie? That is one of the links to be investigated.

    1. You never take anyone’s word for the condition of a firearm. It’s basic gun safety taught by the NRA. Too bad Alec was above all that and decided to be that untrained guy who handles firearms. How much money would it cost Alec to take a NRA gun safety course? How much of his precious time would it consume? He’s a negligent POS as far as responsible gun owners are concerned.

    2. heard he was practicing, but why would you point a gun at anyone, gun safety 101, blizzard of oz said it right,

    3. Nope, he is 100% to blame for this. Gun safety 101. Is the prop master responsible? Yes. But so is the person firing the gun. You ALWAYS check your firearms to make sure they are loaded properly or not loaded at all. And you NEVER point it at someone unless you are okay with killing them.

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