1. Judge Newman gave Murdaugh every opportunity to unburden his soul, but the malignant narcissist would have none of it.

    1. @Doc Proc Does it excite you to use your emojis to defend a murderer? I don’t have to prove anything to you because a jury of his peers have listened to the entire case and found him guilty.

    2. He is definitely a malignant narcissist!!!!!

      You are educated as am I!!

      Unfortunately, I know after 40 years of sleeping next to the enemy…a malignant narcissist!!

      Took me five years to be fully educated on ALL things narcissistic!!
      😔😢 pure evil!!

  2. If Paul’s tape did not exist, Alex would be saying he was not at the kennels that night. Divine providence.

    1. I totally agree, for Paul to have actually captured his dad’s voice because of that app, that was God ordained. God arranged an iron clad trap to catch that rat.

    2. @Daniel Rozhon because Paul was supposed to send that video to his friend and jis friend tried ringing paul and got no answer he then rang Maggies number and got no answer. No answer cos they were dead.

    3. Let’s not forget Bubba’s supporting role. Had Bubba not got the chicken in his mouth, Alex’s voice would not be there.

  3. There is nothing about the behaviour of human beings that surprises me! A sad indictment on us!

    1. It would be naive to think that there aren’t monsters among us but at the end of the day there are more good people than bad.

  4. He’s probably regretting not destroying the cellphone and then taking the stand. He’s probably cursing his dead son right now for “ruining things”. He used his skills as a lawyer to try to play the jury and prosecutors but his arrogance got the better of him when it came to taking the stand. Thanks goodness. For once there was some accountability from this horrid family and only because he decided to kill two of his family. So much blood, lack of accountability, crime and betrayal that was apart of this family.

    1. I’m sure he also murdered his housekeeper Gloria to collect the $5M out of the home insurance he took out on Moselle one month earlier and the murder of Stephen Smith for being Buster’s lover. These people are horrible.

    2. Cybersecurity here, you cannot delete evidence. You cannot chuck the phone. You just need to pay a specialist to get access and sift around. We’re using it more and more because republicans stated we should never violate privacy. Democrats states that you do not have privacy if the actions were part of a crime. The video or texts merely point to evidence. Most the time, they’re not just the sole evidence or recognized as evidence

  5. It’s been bothering me for the last 24 hours that this was indeed a crime family. Shouldn’t be that difficult to understand, when you have a sociopath at the head the entire family was sick. I think my final takeaway on this is …… No mater what your social status or financial situation is , mental health is for everyone.

    1. @apok1980 same here growing up with my parents. That’s the way it’s in my own house too, my son never saw that here. Only had a six pack in the fridge for Christmas for the people that would come over and I’m Puerto Rican and we are a festive people.

    2. @Marlene that’s what I would like to know where all that money went because if he was really consuming the amount of pills he claims a day he would’ve been dead long time ago by overdose or kidney failure. He claimed it was 30mg pills, over 100 a day he said. When I did the math it does come to a $42k a month drug habit considering the pills were at market price ($1,400 a day). That’s way too much for any human being to consume and still live.

    3. @Joan Belmont  right. My mother was an addict and she overdosed and died on oxycodone not as strong as oxycontin. She took 30 to 45 , 10 mg . Her liver was ruined due to her opiod abuse too.

  6. I thought the same thing the same person who they nickname the lil detective is the one who revealed the case, wow. This is one of the saddest cases I have heard in some time

    1. The Little Detective to the end. It is the thoughts of the betrayal on his face with Alex’s first shot to disable before the second kill shot. Alex’s literally hunted both his son and wife using the disabling shot first. Saddest and horrifying cases, truly.

    1. No, the prosecutor did all the work. He was the star of the trial. All the judge did was provide over it and handed the punishment.

  7. I don’t believe the housekeeper tripped over their dogs. She was almost definitely pushed down the stairs by Alex. He killed his own family in an attempt to obscure his other crimes. So he’d most certainly off his longtime housekeeper for a cool four and a half million dollars. I don’t understand why he’s allowed to chill in prison for the remainder of his natural life.

    1. Unfortunately if she was murdered it wasn’t by Alex. He was no where near Moselle that’s why he was never charged. Only two people home were Maggie and Paul at the time of the accident. And her family does not think Paul or Maggie would do that.

    2. I believe that Maggie knew all about Alex’s wrong doings ‘ and she enjoyed the the stolen money.when she found out that Alex was done.she wanted out’ because she feared being broke. Evil as can be

    3. For whatever it’s worth, he’ll probably be going to a hardcore prison plus have to be placed in segregation (“the hole”) for his own safety, and there the guards will likely make his life very difficult & painful. He won’t exactly be chilling, don’t you worry.

  8. I believe the jury may have been insulted by the defendant’s decision to take the stand, thinking, “Who does this guy think he is? He’s not going to fool us with his lies.”

  9. Paul might not have been the greatest person, but he didn’t deserve this. I’m glad justice has been served.

  10. So let me get this straight… The juror that was removed at the end wanted her belongings from the juror room which included a dozen eggs, getting a big laugh from the courtroom. And Alex’s alibi fell through because of Bubba the dog catching a chicken. My question is, which came first, the chicken or the eggs???

    1. Awww, easy James. Bubba’s chicken.
      So lucky that Alex let Bubba out to grab that chicken and thus having Alex comment to Maggie on the Video. Alex would have been home free, except for Bubba an Paul.

  11. Paul was deeply troubled with a drink problem and responsible for the death of one of his friends through a drink driving boating accident. After that he gets murdered alongside his mum by his dad. What a terrible life. So shocking and so sad.

  12. He chooses to murder rather than taking responsibility for his actions. This pretty much shows this man’s character through and through.

  13. The Juror that did the ABC interview yesterday stated that they took a pencil vote when they got in the room. It was 2 not guilty, 1 undecided and 9 guilty. Then stated, they started their discussion/s. Glad they came to a unanimous guilty vote. I’ve been summoned 4 times for Jury duty and picked as a juror for 4 trials. Very eye opening duty when you truly have to apply the rules of law. For me….life changing.

    1. to add to what you said, the same juror also said that when Alex Murdaugh took the stand and “cried”, there were no tears. None. Not a one. His eyes were dry.

  14. Well, I watched his testimony. It was obvious from the start that he was putting on an act. Saw through it immediately. He was trying to play down his intelligence. He was a practiced schemer and had his experience from being a lawyer and prosecutor for so many years. He felt because of the family being so prominent for so long. He was sure putting on an act of crocodile tears. Thank God it’s done.

  15. My question is who records a video without actually videoing them. I think Paul suspected his father was acting suspiciously. And, that’s why he was filming. In all actuality, Paul could’ve filmed his own murder. And, in a way, he did…

    1. Paul was taking a video of the dog’s tail because there was something wrong with it. The dog belonged to his friend, Rogan, and Paul was making the video to send to Rogan. It was made, but never sent. No people are shown on the video, but three voices are heard.

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