Alexander Vindman: 'An Individual Can Make A Difference' 1

Alexander Vindman: ‘An Individual Can Make A Difference’


Retired Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, a key witness in President Trump’s impeachment hearings in 2019, joins Morning Joe to discuss his new memoir 'Here, Right Matters'.

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Alexander Vindman: 'An Individual Can Make A Difference'


    1. @reality Nothing more Anti-American than bow to an Orange Dictator wannabe. Can you at least pick a better looking and well spoken cult leader to worship? Sheesh.

    2. @Rob

      Nobody ever claimed Trump was a Russian spy. No country would ever dare have him as such because he would blabber all the secrets to everyone. He’s a stupid, stupid, man who just doesn’t know when to shut the f up.

      You’re thinking of the time, in 2016, when Trump invited Russia to interfere with the election on his behalf. We saw him do it – loud and clear – at a rally. That, in of itself, should have been enough to disqualify him. But the Russians went to work – inventing rumors and fairy tales about Hilary and spreading them on the internet. That was widely reported.

      When Trump accepted that help, he was compromised – he owed Putin. And we saw just how bad that was when Trump always took Putin’s word over that of his own intelligence services.

      You must understand: this is what happens when you mistake salesmanship for leadership – they’re not the same thing. Trump is not a statesman; he has no knowledge of foreign policy or economics or military strategy. All he knows he learned from watching movies and TV shows.

      You got played, man. You got played by a jumped-up used car salesman/huckster. Make all the excuses you like to yourself, but you got played – that will never change. Your grandchildren will ask you: “Grampa, why did you let that bad orange man play you for a sucker?” You should start thinking about a response.

    1. @Ralph Boyd T’rump hugging the flag, oh that’s what it was, I thought he was doing something indecent, at least that’s what it looked like. Whenever I see our American flag I do what most of us Americans would do and salute it! T’rump tried to tell us he loved America but really he just loved himself!

    2. Hey, I learned a new word today, ‘traitor’. Lol, kidding. ‘Jingoism’. Thanks mate.

  1. It’s great to hear from Vindman & know that he & his family are doing as well as possible. THIS is a real adult, a real American: a defender of democracy.

    1. @Felicia Walker No; however, providing the facts allows others to know what really happened…instead of the silly generalizations, devoid of fact – as you pointed out.

    2. @Brian Jones

      “treason is always repaid”
      Yes it is. I would go and hide somewhere if I were you. Like all the rest of the Jan 6 clowns.

    1. @Brian Jones And again, JUST READ, DON’T REPEAT!: the Trumpetists [formerly GOP] in Senate does not even dare to look at the testemony, they does not even read the [redacted version of] Muller Report — redacted under influence of our Trump-lapdog, Mr. BillBarr. BUT even the redacted version of Muller Report is clear: there was Russian influence in Election 2016, and Trump’s win was helped by the Russian aid. It was not proven Trump in person know of this influence, but members of the Trump Team were involved. And the obstruction by Trump was undeniable and clear also. Read the Muller Report yourself, it is still on internet. JUST READ, DON’T REPEAT!

  2. He is a brave man. I hope I would have the courage to stand up against authoritarianism like he did, but he suffered, his family suffered…being a hero isn’t easy. The rabid mob tries to destroy anyone who isn’t in lock step with their dear leader.

    1. And to the trump base he is dear. They worship the guy. He’s a fat, ignorant troll and he’s a god to his base. I’ll never understand it.

    2. @John Swo “Dear leader” is what we call a cult leader because they require their followers to call them dear leader whether they want to or not.

    3. @Glen Richmann Unfortunately, it’s the lure of narcissism; very cultish. Gaslighting is the weapon of choice. Once you’re in, you’re pretty much stuck, but once you’re out, you’ll wonder how you got tricked.
      Trump is evil, but some of my family can’t see it.

  3. This guy should be forever praised by patriotic Americans. He literally saved American given what is known about Trump and all he did to overthrow the government or to corruptly get elected again.

    1. @Mike Kelley There’s no proof, Bryan is really a Russian spy working for T’rumps boss Vladdymeer Pudding and is to dumb to know much about our United States of America.

    1. Your fascist dictatorship is still coming, unfortunately. You can’t appease or mollify them, you can only stamp them out. Keep watching and complaining as they creep ever closer to their dream of permanent power.

    2. @Russell M Look, your conspiracy theories have no foundation in fact. You have zero access to classified info, so public facing facts are all their is to review. Since nobody produced any legally significant evidence to support Trump’s claims. Just mouthpieces parroting his rhetoric and proudly displaying ignorance while insisting the opposite. The more you folks deny facts and throw in for Fascism, the more plain it is to see you and yours are whack jobs, straight up Jay Cats.

    3. @Ministry Propragranda That communist trader! Coming into MY country to pedal his grains at the market!!! Be GONE TRADER!!!

  4. This lovely man is a true American hero, and a hero for truth for the world! If everyone had his integrity the world would be a much better place! Thank you, Colonel Vindman, from a Canadian.

    1. @Bryan You must be of the cult of the Liar in Chief. I feel sorry for you that you put your faith in a person such as Trump. You will be disappointed in your choice, however, apparently that is a lesson you are destined to learn. Stay safe and well from a Canadian.

    1. @John Swo . . . Trump had the courage to expose the deep hatred and racism that has infected the Democrat party. He ended the charade. America is forever changed. There is no turning back!

    2. @Snap Dragon Perhaps , because his family came from the Ukanian, and because of the way he speaks, he is a person that God brought him for a special reason. He might have been young when he got here but he has a good father that must have repeated his story many times to his sons. There is many immigrants here that have honored our country with love and respect! I honor you Sir for your bravery and fortitude!

    3. @Rob never see your Republicans uttering Anything about illegal Irish in America, or illegal white Europeans. Never. Never. I guess we Irish are just A Great Bunch of Lads and Fun Barmen, so We get to be left alone, eh? And remind me – which party were the guys with burning torches getting praised by after shouting Jews Will Not Replace Us? That’s your likely cue to call Those guys ‘patriots’. I won’t even pretend to be surprised.

    4. @Snap Dragon His background is probably not Ukrainian. In 1979 we were accepting Jews, ethnic Germans and Seventh Day Adventists under a special agreement.

    5. @Rob ??? You are not paying attention. The Dixiecrat Party took over what used to be the Republican Party. Nixon created the “Southern Strategy”. Look at the states taken by Barry Goldwater and Republicans since then. Nixon was seconded by Strom Thurmon at the 1968 convention. Ronald Reagan was the darling of the Southern delegates at that convention. John Chancellor, former news anchor, was asked about his most memorable experience. He said it was at the 1964 Republican convention when he ran into a Black delegate whose coat was full of cigarette burns. He was crying. I worked in the 1964 campaign for Goldwater in North Carolina. Let me tell you from first hand experience. It was racist.

  5. A great American hero. Mr. Vindman is a good man and deserves accolades for his honesty, integrity and courage. Thank you, sir.

  6. A Soldier who “conservatives facist” attacked and destroyed because he did not serve their furher.

  7. This man is a hero, we were really blessed that it was him on the phone line. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  8. Vindman is a hero …..So , what we know is we can expect Republicans in AND out of Congress to rail against him …

  9. *Vindman is an American hero.* He laid everything he’d worked for his entire life on the line for the truth. And even when we all saw the truth, Trump still punished him, first by smearing his name, then by denying him his natural raise in rank, which caused his early retirement.

    *Shame on Trump and all who do his bidding!*

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