Alexander Vindman: ‘There Has Been Some Slippage’ With Our Democracy 1

Alexander Vindman: ‘There Has Been Some Slippage’ With Our Democracy

Retired U.S. Army Lt. Colonel and author “Here, Right Matter” Alexander Vindman shares his experience testifying against former President Trump in the former president’s first impeachment hearing and how he is using his expertise to ensure the United States never has a corrupt leader again
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  1. My eternal gratitude to these courageous individuals! God bless you for your keen sense of duty to country….your country ….our country. Thank you!

    1. @Mark Evans I believe you’re the dope Mark for being so willfully and blatantly ignorant of reality. Not to mention your comeback was that of a child.

    1. @Sun Dial comedy central can close up shop and hire you for 24 hr coverage. Anybody who can blaspheme and and say the bull you just wrote is in lala land and needs help. But you did give me my laugh for awhile. Thank you for the blarney. Keep up the laughs they are needed.

  2. Looks like the smear campaign almost broke his spirit. I’m glad to see he’s clutching fast to that last shred. All that matters, Colonel, is that you get back up.

    1. I hope that he knows how much the American people believe in you and support your love for your country

    2. One of the few people who stood up and did exactly he was supposed to do as an officer in the US Millitary! I’m proud to be a disabled Veteran and have served in the same US Army as this fine officer!! Thank you Ltc Vinman!!

  3. Dear Mr. Alexander Vindman da Hero. The slippage in our democracy is coming 100% from the Republican party. Hilary Clinton won the popular vote by 3 million but lost the presidency by 23k votes between 3 swing states. Democrats accepted the results even though we knew Russia helped the “disgraced” ex-president.

    1. @chop shop It’s funny how everytime a Republican win, it’s because they cheated. If Republicans had all these laws that let the cheat, Democrats wouldn’t win elections. So, the logic of them always cheating, is flawed.

    2. @Amy Falkenrath Because of population density. We have like 6 or 7 states, that have the majority of the population. So, those places would dictate the election. It’s set up, so that parsely populated areas have a say.

    3. @firestream93 no it was set up that way because the states with most electoral votes were the main most popular states back then. therefore they wanted their vote to be more important.
      just the opposite of your statement.

    4. @firestream93 i was not saying they cheat in election. i say the laws they have implemented over and over make it unfair therefore ‘cheat’
      that’s only way they have won for past 50 years.
      the actual vote they have not won in 50 YEARS!
      popular vote? is a BS term for actual vote. but then you let the right peoples vote count 4-5x as much you win without as many actual votes right?

    5. Vindman is a common undistinguished military lifer. Got his cubby in the pentagon because he could speak Ukrainian lingo. That’s it. He’s a nobody that the dems thought could prop up their flimsy claims.

    1. American hero is right!! It’s so sad and scary that speaking out against leaders IN AMERICA is THIS dangerous.

  4. Here is a man with a backbone. Honorable, honest, heartfelt, patriotic, admireable. This is what a leader looks like.

    1. And it’s disgusting where we are, the right has gaslit half the country into believing that nobility is somehow traitorous.

  5. This guy seems like a real standup person and nice guy. The MAGAveese is such a toxic wasteland. Only the worst of the worst survive and thrive.

  6. He should also do the “American thing” and sue Fox News and those who spread these lies, for slander. They negatively impacted his safety, his reputation, career and income.

    1. @
      Cat Williamson ~ I can’t help but wonder about the continuing cost paid by the men, women, and their families who paid a terrible price for over 21 years protecting an American democracy that has more aspirational than fact. I offer my deep abiding gratitude to the national treasures of parents and family, knowing it is incomparable to the burden you carry. One day, perhaps within our lifetime, America (nation and people) might again be democracy’s standard-bearer in the world. But that must be a shard, proud unity of desire and action. I struggle to find a period in the history of America that is at least equal to the divided distress each endures now: some more than others.

      America isn’t perfect, nor will it retreat from the evolving renewal of what free people craft to face down those (foreign and domestic) who seek to rise by fomenting division in lies. In the end, I see Lincoln, who bound division and shattered the chains of millions. Trump is no Lincoln; he is the reason that we will find our way yet again. America has not yet begun to fight those who inhabit the shadows as they seek to profit from division. Others have been ready, willing when needed to show us all what this nation can be. Now, that baton has been passed yet again. It’s our time, our turn.

    2. When demonrat media and Fox news both have qualified “experts” and one says one thing and one says another … The whole virus is more political than dangerous…

  7. Funny how the home grown version of a patriot is so very different from folks like Vindeman. Respect.

    1. Mr. Vindeman, this man I will listen to at all times, the rest that call him a traitor. Jim Jordan, Marjorie Moron Green, Lauren Bobert, and that cool breeze Matt Gaetz are always looking for supporters sign up with them

  8. Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman will be successful at anything he does. You can tell he misses his military career alot which is really a shame and unfortunate. But he’s a good, solid man of integrity, intelligence and honor and will be very useful wherever he ends up and very successful in whatever he does. We need more people like him.

  9. Vindman is a national hero on every level. He may have single handedly saved our democracy and country !
    Thank you for your service…..SIR

  10. Why doesn’t the Biden administration beg for competent and imminently qualified professionals like Vindman and Fiona Hill to come back?

  11. President Biden should consider giving Colonel Vindman (and Ivanovich and Hill) some sort of special Ethics or Conscience award. Thank you for your continued service, sir.

  12. when you see and hear people like Alexander Vindman your faith into the future of America become stronger because you know there are many like him. Thank you sir for your service.

  13. “This is America….here, right matters!” I still get goosebumps hearing those words. Yet, I’m sadden of the state of this country. It is divided moreso than ever because of one man. How did we fall so deep into this abyss?

  14. One of the few people who stood up and did exactly he was supposed to do as an officer in the US Millitary! I’m proud to be a disabled Veteran and have served in the same US Army as this fine officer!! Right still does matter to me and my family!! Thank you Ltc Vinman!!

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