1. Even if we don’t hide it. It effects us. For life. And an event like what she went through, just makes it 100 times worse

    2. @Samantha Samuel most rapes like mine can’t be prosecuted. Because he was my husband and I didn’t report it until I got back home

  1. She’s right!! The Gaslighting, is what abusers use!! Stay strong young lady. This is when something bad has happened, and hopefully something good will come from it!! You will be helping others!!

    1. @Maggie Hubbard I heard what she said. According to her own account, she never was in danger. Never near death. The Capitol police extracted her from her office and sent her to safe Congressional offices. She never said that insurrectionist were ever near her.

    2. @James West This pitiful excuses of a human being is lying I have not told many people yet she’s gonna tell the hole world. Gtf outta here. And we are supposed to pity her over the capital riot? Now you know how these children feel every day in these democratic run sh!t holes fearing for there lives. She’s a complete sham. 🤮🤮

  2. They say certain things are no big deal until it happens to them. Good for her for sharing her thoughts and feelings. That’s true bravery.

    1. @Brass Tacks How can something be debunked, when he did it right on camera, I watched him do it on tv. There is evidence, and it will come out soon. You’re ignorance is embarrassing!!!

    2. @Brass Tacks What are you talking about, the woman who has been trying to get tRumps DNA but couldn’t while he was president, is Jean Carroll. The others are part of the Epstein cases. You guys and your “witch hunts” ANYONE with half a brain and can read, knows what tRumps all about, He came to office with 72 pending investigations/court proceedings against him in process. It wasn’t hard to tell he wasn’t a viable candidate in 2016. All tRump has done is brought out the HATE in people that were already angry due to years of LIES from right wing propaganda!!!🤷🏼‍♀️

    3. @Effscott Fitz-gee Were you there? If not, best to stick to your own stories.
      Have a blessed day/evening/night ♥️

  3. No person on this planet should have to go through anything like this and everyone involved should be held accountable for their actions

    1. The horror- People in China are getting organs harvested for a lot less of a crime. I think AOC will be just fine. It’s a mean cruel world & the sooner people come to terms with that, the better off they will be.

    2. @red rum He said no one on this planet should go through anything like this. What part don’t you understand. Your reply was completely irrelevant and doesn’t take away from what AOC went through If that’s what you were trying to do here.

    3. @Starseed Moldavite Lol it’s not irrelevant happens to men all the time and it gets laughed at. Please if a Male celebrity came 30 years later claiming he was sexually assaulted by women people would cry of laughter.

    4. @Starseed Moldavite As someone who has had to deal with the fall out of abuse on an official basis, I believe what AOC is doing, is downright disgusting.
      She is using her experience to gain a political advantage, then relating it, as if the political opponent are the abusers.
      180 degree psychological projection is the format of AOC ‘s agenda.
      I see AOC as the bigger abuser, she’s playing people’s empathy.

  4. I am a survivor of domestic abuse, I sat down with two of my children and watch my abuser sharpen a cutlass/machete just praying for him to charge his mind.
    Today I have to live looking over my shoulder. I live in a small town and my abuser live less than five miles away from me now.
    It’s my house not his so I can’t afford to move away.
    I know how she feels.
    The abuser is out there and could be joined by others.
    All we can do is pray.

    1. My heart goes out to you. Please reach out to a domestic violence organization. I don’t know what county you live in. But most have programs that can help you

    2. @Heith Watkins unfortunately in most countries and here in the USA there are millions of women behind bars for killing their abusers. While I understand you are trying to help. Many of us survivors, the abuser uses the gun in our own homes against US. But if it’s her only choice. Then I can understand


    2. @steve marshall Not in the least. Those were REPUBLICANS breaking in, to try and stop a legitimate and legal process. THAT’s a Coup.

    3. @Richard Barber cui bono….democrats….oldesr game in the book…stage an event..create a narative enlist the media….create repeaters (you)…there is your coup…now i understand your now changing your thong but
      thats what happened….all you need is a large group of blind hate filled observers (you)

  5. It took me YEARS to Work through my own abuse,thats WHY it continues, THANK YOU for doing what I was not strong enough, or brave enough to do back in the 70s.YOUR trying to bring CHANGE to (the good old boys status quo) I SUPPORT YOU AND HAVE YOUR BACK!🇺🇸💜

    1. You might want to be a little more skeptical, she’s already lied about her capitol riot story, claiming rioters pounded on her office door while she hid in the bathroom, problem is aoc’s office isn’t in the capitol building, it’s located at 229 cannon just south of independence ave. and rioters never entered that building

    1. @Ryan Fitzpatrick My friend, I believe your autocorrect is not in the best of moods this afternoon. May I assist, the words you intended to have written was inherently good. Have the best day and stay zesty ✨

  6. Survival is not enough. Making sure it dosent happen again is how we can Thrive and flourish as fellow humans and as a Nation. Pray for one another.

    1. @Dave Gilles Vote Republican??? 🤣🤣🤣 I’d rather vote for a dog. A dog can give unconditional love, is loyal no matter what, and has better reasoning skills. So why would I vote Republican?

    2. Interesting, sounds like interest in addressing the BLM riots, that potentially held catalyst to such a drastic cultivation.

    3. @WeeOoo Certified Productions I’m not sure what there is to address that hasn’t been addressed. Just like with the seditionists riots, people have been arrested for the rioting that went on during BLM and there are still investigations ongoing. Not all of the protests have been investigated though since most of them were peaceful.

    4. @Calvin Parish There’s been very little support by Democrats in congress to ban firearms, most of their legislation has been about background checks. Biden has also not said he wants to implement a ban on firearms.

      There is no plan from Biden to defund the police. However, Trump actually did defund the police at the end of 2020 and Biden has been working on reversing that so that the police will get more resources.

  7. thank you so much, I too have been sexually abused, and it has stayed with my ever since. I’m a man and I was raped. Evil destroys, love rebuilds.

    1. @no one I am a trans/Lizard person That was assaulted. If you doubt me you’re a sexist Bigot lizardphobe.

    2. @Mike Grazbo AOC is a bartender/actor/professional liar.. She’s doing what she knows.. LIE and pander to her brainwashed fans.

    1. @GO OlSEN says a zombie who thinks there is a white supremacist on every street corner. Tell me again how gender is a social construct, but the patriarchy still exists.

  8. There should be a proper senate trial with witnesses, to make these republican senators, that want to forget it happened, feel uncomfortable and under pressure.

    1. Will you denounce AOC saying earlier in this same video that she wasn’t comfortable with the police officer that came to warn her to evacuate because he was white? Pretty racist. And don’t bring up the power thing cause sheeees a Congresswomen and he was a cop.

    1. Becon of ignorance. And yes why are you virtue signalling with your mask on? It’s like you are some creepy follower.

  9. Utmost respect for this lil lady. If you ever run across an individual with a strong fire of resilience burning in them, know that it comes from a special place.

    1. I feel bad for you that for the cost of sounding virtuous you are willing to buy every lie CNN tells you………..Meanwhile you are blind to things that are actually happening 25K troops in the capital, people loosing their businesses while AMAZON made 40 Billion more. China is flying bombers over Taiwan and Hunter got rich off China. You are more focused on microaggressions and gangs of white supremacists’ that dont seem to exist.

  10. she’s visibly shaken by the capitol thing. I can recognise trauma. Voila the consequences of the attack. People don’t forget. Hang tough AOC!

  11. This title feels oddly skeptical. Even something like “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Talks About Being a Sexual Assault Survivor” would be better.

    1. This is the same person who faked a photo shoot in an empty parking lot has if she was in front of a border detention center.

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