Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Ted Yoho’s ‘harassment’ is ‘not new, and that is the problem’ | USA TODAY

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez rejects Rep. Ted Yoho's 'excuses' over 'harassment.'
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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D) says Rep. Ted Yoho (R) calling her a "f***ing b**ch" is not "about one incident. It is cultural."

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    1. @princess Francesca
      He was very disrespectful! But hey these are the same people who voted for a man who wants to have sex with his daughter.

    2. @Coach Nosebutter I know you’re trying hard to troll but your life must suck hard because you’re on the internet being a keyboard warrior and AOC, a woman of color, is making history.
      People will not remember you but AOC will be forever known in the history book as the first youngest woman ever to be elected to congress.. so keep crying. 😁

    3. @Coach Nosebutter I love facts. When you cant think for yourself, get all your info from Fox and refuse to listen to her entire comments it’s not surprising that you don’t understand them.

    4. @princess Francesca Yeah right. Another person that NEVER researches. So is it OK to use Motherfu**er===Talib and AOC thinks it is ok to call Trump that..She plays a victim and you all are so IGNORANT.

  1. We need reform within our government. They are bullying each other like children. We need professional, sophisticated, highly intelligent and educated representatives. We need to get rid of all of them and appoint/vote the right person to work for us. We are paying from our hard earned tax dollars to improve conditions but they are wasting time, money 💴 and effort on useless, baseless behavior that does not benefit anyone. We need to vote them out. We have so many issues to resolve, implement and many of our citizens are suffering from homelessness, lack of jobs. All these representatives should be on the streets talking to public, going to businesses, talking to under privileged people, homeless instead of sitting in air conditioned building fighting each other.

    1. Practical Skeptic aoc is not a “little hag”, it’s funny how you excuse tens of decades of misogynistic views on women in jobs with high authority. that just shows the lesser portion of men, like you, with fragile masculinity, and can’t handle the idea of a women, who’s educated at a higher level than you’d ever be.

    2. Practical Skeptic We send them to vote their conscience,. That’s all they have to do, vote conscience. Now that is done, compromise. A little here, a little there. Compromise. Not look at polls, not feed FoxNews, compromise for the good of the people. If this creep wanted to debate AOC he could have done it on the floor of the House, we could have watched it on CSpan., and maybe learned something from his views. He has views, right? Right? That’s what we pay them for…debate issues, make laws.
      He’s a coward and a brute, he discredits his office and his state. He makes $174K to lift his leg like a dog. He doesn’t take responsibility for what he said. Instead he hides behind his wife and daughters’ skirt when he’s caught for an explanation. He’s unfit for office.

    3. Neela…What you say is spot on. We need NO MORE LAWYERS. We need college professors, like Elizabeth Warren and Katie Porter. We need historians and economists. No more lawyers. We are giving away everything because of lawyers and those out to appease religious extremists.
      Other countries have technology that we should have…super computer wasn’t mentioned in the Bible so it wasn’t funded by Senators who are too old to understand innovation and science. We are losing. We are wasting time. Bush blocked stem cell research to appease religious extremists, we are behind because of these dinosaurs who are backward and need not to be in control. It’s not just Mitch McConnell with 400 pieces of legislation on his desk, it’s the 534 well-paid members besides him….storm his office and make him work. They work less than 115 days this year,
      one of the reasons they don’t get anything done. The other is, they look at polls and not listen to people.

  2. Alexandria❤️💪🏽 I have a daughter and wouldn’t like someone to speak to her like that, I have boys and they will Not speak like that to a woman!

    1. @rolandbcool no but aoc sure does. What happened to strong women she always brags about? Load of crap kinda like you

    2. @andy i did answer it. Hence the idk which means I dont know. Its a simple answer, typical indeed. Did you ask the so called men in your family?

  3. What is heart breaking is the fact people voted Yoho into office. The same people voted for Trump and continue to support such evil characters… Yet they claim the high moral authority, Sad state of affairs.

  4. When i saw this I could not believe that this type of aggression goes on at this level. What a destructive action coming from this despicable man, This is not acceptable at any level. We thank you Rep. Alexandra Ocasio Cortez, for your strength and values.

    1. She is just posting her nonsense as usual. Here are Talib and AOC saying it is ok to call Trump a Motherfu**er. Talib did it on video. This congressman did it walking away and a reporter heard him say it mumbling. So find Talib and AOC behavior just as destructive and despicable. This is not acceptable at any level. She does not have the values and it is not called strength–it is called pandering to people who dont research

    2. I don’t believer her….The MSM JUST TOLD US that we can’t …ya know…ALWAYS believe the woman….remember Joe Biden? So I’m taking the MSM advice and choosing not to believe her.

    3. She is just pandering even if it did really happen which I dont know if it even did she says bad stuff to other people to she’s just trying to play the victim card because she’s a woman

  5. I don’t agree politically with AOC, but this kind of behavior is not acceptable and should not be tolerated. This is coming from a republican.

    1. @Nick Hamill I have seen a video of Democrats at a meeting that AOC was at, speaking to a Republican at the meeting in a similarly disrespectful way. AOC is the person who called out that language and said it was not acceptable.
      That’s what happens when a person has principles that they actually believe in and live by. Unfortunately that seems to be very rare nowadays. More people seem to be hypocrites.

  6. “When ppl show you who they are, believe them.” Dr. Maya Angelo He also put God in the mess, he created…

    1. I don’t believer her….The MSM JUST TOLD US that we can’t …ya know…ALWAYS believe the woman….remember Joe Biden? So I’m taking the MSM advice and choosing not to believe her.

  7. Wonder what this man call his wife and daughters? Men who hate others also treat their families with the same degrading HATE!

  8. Here scratching my head and wondering why people can dislike what she said despite party affiliation

  9. They picked her cause they thought she was weak. Glad she decided to speak out. Staying silent is accepting disrespect. Glad this blew up in his face😂

    1. they did not pick anyone,one bald piece of a poop man did this,and young aoc fed of his stupidity.hole thing is sad ,enough said,these folks need to do americas work and stop stalling…

  10. How clear, how logic, how bright, how intelligent said! She is a class of its own.
    It could not have been done better.
    My initial, simple thought was: This tie & suit – man DESPERATELY needs a hard kick of a knee in his hormon-producing useless features… but her way is the right way.

  11. She is a great orator! Good for her for taking him to task on his misogyny!
    America is lucky to have her. She reminds me of our wonderful Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.
    I look forward to following her career. She is a principalled, empathetic, intelligent woman (basically the exact opposite of you know who), and a real force to be reckoned with. That is why she is subjected to so much hatred and abuse. The more the Republicans bash her the more powerful she becomes.
    I hope she has good security though. Many insecure people can not cope with strong women.

  12. It is a shame that “her truth” doesn’t match up with “the truth.” She has lied so many times it is getting hard to keep up with them all. So, her accusation has me taking it with a grain of salt.

  13. She’s no coward, that’s for sure – unlike these men-children that she and the other women have to put up with in that Congress.

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