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  1. Sami Kotiranta | November 9, 2020 at 4:14 PM | Reply

    AOC playing Among Us on Twitch gathered 4 million viewers. Imagine what Pelosi would have to do to get ratings like that…

    • She has got to be the hottest female politician ever!!! Young, hot, in shape and nice mouth!!!

    • Nancy could get ten times … maybe even 100 times more views if she got to spank trump on live tv ..err … maybe pay-per-view !

    • @TrumpRulesYou_ DealWithIt

      Mmm hmmm. Sure he is. And you’re not at all gullible. Obviously I am… Not writing checks to a con artist… Silly libtard that I am – keeping my money and dignity.

      What’ll I do next? Read a book?

    • @joboygbp

      And you are… What?

      AOC is a congresswoman in her mid 20s. Where were you in your 20s? Flipping burgers? Pushing out babies?

      Your entire mediocre life isn’t worth the last year of hers.


    • … What’s the appeal of that game? Seems it’s a bunch of kids going with the crowd. Hardly people I would involve in politics unless you need low hanging fruit.

  2. what would you like to drink?
    *Trump* -“Diet Pepsi”

    *Biden* -“Orange Crush” 🤣🤣

  3. Trumpers in Michigan: “stop the count!”
    Trumpers in Arizona: “count the votes!”
    Cocaine Mitch: “lead in the paint is good for our voters” 😉

    • @Daddy’s Issue a vote for Biden is a vote for Socialism 👍

    • @santa fe, bantayan island life
      “Biden is not president ,the media does not get to call a election”
      They actually DO call the elections. You’ll notice that the president elect doesn’t make his speech until the media announce it. Election results aren’t actually finalized until December.

      “More so a rigged one”
      Conspiracy theory much?
      And you think the people who “rigged” the election forgot to rig the Senate?

      “after a ballot “issue” was discovered”
      It is common practice to investigate allegations of fraud. It happens in every election. With 150 million people voting, there are likely to be a number of investigations. But the US just doesn’t have serious voter fraud. Given the system they have in place, it would be almost impossible to perpetrate fraud on a scale large enough to make any difference in a general election.

      “While Georgia Secretary of State…”
      What’s your point?

    • They are STEALING. They are CHEATING. The voter machines are flipping votes, that’s a fact- caught.
      When this is over, you will see, they are CRIMINALS at large.
      Close to December…

    • @brenda sisson Hey, Brenda. I know you’re upset right now so I’m not going to be too antagonistic but I would love if you would Google the term anecdotal evidence. After that, I would love for you to tell me what Trump has done to better your life personally. I’m not here to make fun of you I just really want to know what you see that I don’t see.

    • @32hernandez See, now I know you’re not a serious person because the last thing anyone who knows anything about Biden’s foreign policy history would call him is a socialist. He is a warmongering , Neo-con, American Imperialist. Just like every single American President before him.

  4. GOP: “there are socialists in the USA!”
    Europeans are like 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    • Michael Wenzel | November 9, 2020 at 9:48 PM | Reply

      @Kods S. …i m aware that Orange Blob didnt win the popular vote in 2016. Electoral college system made him president. So this system sure is worth a re-thinking.
      What really scares me is he got more votes 2020. Just imagine if all the republican tactics of voter supression had worked? Or all the mentally sane people wouldnt have voted by mail? Donald managed in 4 years to produce damage to be fixed in the next decade. If he had a second term i guess america never could have been fixed. Not that i expect it will be an easy job now. I still think its not too late by now.

    • Michael Wenzel | November 9, 2020 at 9:56 PM | Reply

      @jnounan take off your tin foil hat, man

    • Michael Wenzel | November 9, 2020 at 9:58 PM | Reply

      @jnounan don t mix up international terrorism with crude conspiracy theories.

    • bernie literally calls himself a democratic socialist, how much more clear does it need to get?

    • Definatly, sanders is just center left for us 🤣🤣🤣

  5. Love this Congress lady, she speaks clear and decisive. Wish we had more like her in our government.

    • @mightymikec7 also trumps economics are very good. We have been pawns to many people for years. When the terrifs come off our economy will be amazing. Bush was 321 buy with housing that Clinton passed not Bush. Obama was one of the worst. He did nothing for our country. He is the reason it’s so devided. Telling people they cant succeed because of their color is only going to teach them everytime they fail it’s because the skin color not because they just failed. Welfare is a crutch not a wheelchair. Why have Democrats voted aginst every civil rights law since 1968? Why is the first African Americans in office all 5 of them wher Republican? Why did Republicans integrate schools? Or stop slavery? Why did Biden create the 1994 crime bill? Fact check me

    • You know nothing. Trump’s economy at it’s worst was better than Obama’s at it’s best. The economy was so bad when Obama got in he could have farted on it and it would improve. Which is about all he did. Trump’s economy is strong because he undid the handcuffs Obama put on industry. AOC was great at chasing Amazon out of town wasn’t she? There goes untold good paying jobs. Wonder how things will work out with everyone having a living wage whether they want to work out or not. Good luck with that.

    • She thinks the reason the unemployment rate is so low is because people work 2 jobs… I didn’t think she cud be more stupid than she looks but I guess I was wrong.

    • you people really are pathetic. You don’t want effective administration, you want a bad actor who projects the illusion of safety.

    • Is this a joke? She literally did not know the three branches of government, or how a garbage disposal worked or what it was for.

  6. When Biden is called a Marxist, words mean nothing.

  7. She’s so eloquent when she speaks. And sends the perfect message everytime. How does she do it?! What a freakin’ classy lady.

  8. Another great interview from Mr.Tapper. I may not agree with everything AOC does, but she is a real breath of fresh air in the stale corridors of power. If I had to find common ground with someone, it would be her

  9. Though I’m thoroughly progressive I was almost of the same opinion of the congresswoman that AOC was rebutting or examining her argument more closely. The truth is that Fox News, the R’s, and especially Trump are good at labeling and throwing yokes around the necks of progressives, from which they have to defend themselves. I have no desire to have a pugilistic network for liberals in an attempt to fight the blatant dishonesty and disgusting divisiveness spouted over at Fox, but the way dems cower, the way dems don’t take seriously the attacks and fail to wriggle out of the way they are labeled, we consistently lose control of the dialogue and are always on our heels. To be fair, Rs are indefatigable and have more rhetorical options since they are willing to slump to whatever they see as benefitting them.

    I think the reason we won the white house was not because of Joe Bidens’ strengths, not that he didn’t do a good job, but really Trump fell on his own very sharp sword, with his ratcheted rhetoric and terrible follow through. Through repetition he has hacked the minds of 10s of millions of people, and even I have been hypnotized by the sputtering maniac and the pithy sloganeering he was born to do. It’s unfortunate that what’s catchy sticks, but it does, and it is at the very least something to take notes on. IDK about democratic operations, but I do find it surprising that R’s have sewn up the digital game so much harder than we have. I don’t quite understand how that passed us by.

    I’m already worried about 2022. I just fucking pray our demographics shift enough even in two years to be able to fend off the inevitable pushback of red that will render Joe to be a useless president. I’m just so fucking sick of this. We all know that we are fighting from the bottom of a hill, since electoral advantages lean so heavily towards Rs that they literally don’t even have to win popular vote counts at the national level, they have it gerrymandered at the state level, and the Senate is forever ensconced to R’s unless we start dividing states up into small pieces to increase our representation which will start an endless arms battle that we can’t win. While I pray to god that we win those two seats in GA, I worry that if we don’t it is virtually checkmate. Not just for one election, but forever. Both parties are at each others throats, when I see people that are clearly of the opposite party in public, my first reaction is to want to ream them out. I’ve gotten some dirty looks as I’m pretty easily identifiable as liberal just from my appearance.

    I was politically asleep until maybe 2018. I’m generally apolitical. This has taken up such a massive amount of my emotional space, it’s ridiculous. I never signed up to be in this battle and I’m already fatigued and sick of it. I just want to go about my life normally instead of thinking about this bullshit every single day. Come on GA, pull through for us. This all needs to end.

  10. Forty1 Thirty3 | November 9, 2020 at 7:21 PM | Reply

    When I hear young people call influencers like kylie, charli, and addison their queen, I cringe.

  11. She brought out the receipts. She said, “this you?” 😂😂😂

    • @Marc Lucido Get the commies out of the conversation

    • @Will C found the boomer

    • @Iunanec Venezuela stole US businesses operating there and went full on Communist. Maduro broke ties with US after US recognized the non-dictator in Venezuela as president. Trump was nominated for multiple Nobel peace prizes for what he did in Israel. Trump has tried to restore relations with North Korea. You are an idiot and should have your right to vote revoked.

    • Classy response. That’s why Americans are reviled and loathed the world over. Congrats. You now have a president who exhibits qualities none of you Trumpites possess: kindness, graciousness, humility, compassion, intellect. I hope someday you’re worthy of the relative freedom you’re about to regain.

    • I Think The Fuck Not You Trick Ass Bitch | November 9, 2020 at 10:05 PM | Reply

      @Will C Maga tears are the best lubricant!

  12. I like these interviews when people aren’t yelling and screaming over each other.

  13. The NEEDS of the American people should NEVER be up for negotiation. Period.

  14. Hey, what is that look that Jake Tapper has when an interviewee is answering a question?

  15. Ancient Cataclysms | November 9, 2020 at 8:11 PM | Reply

    One of Jake’s better interviews – he is a brilliant listener. We listen vicariously with him. Outstanding interview technique.

  16. The journalist manages to say 20 words in a second, it’s amazing

  17. Audrey Muzingo | November 9, 2020 at 9:55 PM | Reply

    “All the Democrats who voted for MFA got reelected” –OH SH!!!!T!!!!

  18. Imagine caring about someones race when you are voting, anyone ever hear of projection?

  19. Landon McGuire | November 9, 2020 at 10:05 PM | Reply

    The woman who said at a hearing, “Illegal immigrants haven’t done anything illegal” 🤔

  20. Jake Tapper: “To even Republicans?” Literally Trump increased his turnout among Republicans from 2016.

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