Alicia Garza: ‘Want To Ensure That Every American Is Able To Vote-By-Mail’ | MSNBC


    1. @David Eby
      I really dont understand why you would be for reducing votes. Anyone clearly sees Money makes decisions in America because people don’t vote. The only way to stop this is giving the power back to the people. Vote anyway you can!!!

    2. I’m sorry,
      but i always thought about..
      TRUMP to have a empty brain!
      Non-listen is same like empty..
      he’s useless even if he do or not,
      he don’t know to check facts,
      So.. Anybody don’t trust him!

    3. @AL- BOT Stopping the murder is as easy as obeying the law!!!!Wow! I solved the problem! Itried it yesterday,didn’t break the law once. Was not that difficult! You are welcome.

    1. If you are not motivated enough to go to the polls,you probably shouldn’t vote. You don’t care enough to educate yourself.

    2. @David Eby If you go to the polls to vote and not by mail, you need to educate yourself. In a pandemic , at least 50+ voters in the Wisconsin voters got the Covid-19 while waiting in line to vote, or maybe touching the machines or places other people touched. Like the 16 girls that went to Florida to party, ALL 16 got the virus. If the country doesn’t have mail in voting MANDATORY by November, sue your states to do so!

  1. t’rump: If you allow more people to vote, then republicans would never win another election.
    America: Yup. 😎

    1. I think yes cus my bro so stupid he dont know where viting house. I drop his vote in postbox and finito!

  2. When it is a fair election, where everyone who can vote actually gets to vote,
    no matter their race or religion or skin color or income status,
    when this happens….the Democrats win.
    This is why Repubs always try to make elections UNFAIR.

    1. And why there is still an electoral college with little to no punishments for faithless votes.
      Faithless votes should be immediately followed by resignation considering they have no faith in their constituents.

    1. Vote for the greater good of the country against republiKKKcons … having a home is better than being homeless! 😈

  3. Every state should sue their governments to make sure that Mail in Balloting is MANDATORY in November. Anything less is possible negligence to homicide. Trump and Kayleigh McEnany voted by Mail in Ballots…she did 11 times.

    1. Yes!!!! In America Money votes because people don’t vote at election time.
      America needs to bring the power back to the people!

  4. Liers lie. Cheaters cheat. Free to riot. Get out of jail card. Shop Walmart, Lowe’s, home Depot etc but need to vote by mail. Corruption is one way to win.

  5. #alllivesmatter

    Trump2020!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 stay strong America and we’ll get through the Chinese flu and all the rioting and get this nation back on track!!

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