Alien Invasion? See The Definitive News Report On Intelligent Life In The Universe


    1. @Gabe Dudley you forgot your main troll word, troll. It’s over for all over you.

      It’s over. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣


    1. @AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL Have you ever actually listen to Joe Biden? I’m going to assume that the answer is an emphatic no. He runs circles around Dump when it comes to intelligence and soundness of mind. Your guy was bragging about passing a cognitive test that’s used to determine if you have dementia. It’s not a difficult test in any way, shape or form and yet more than a year later, he’s talking about it during a press conference. EDIT sorry if I used too many big words.

    2. @AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL at least we’re not in a cult led by a traitor with the vocabulary of a 2nd grader

  1. Silly to think that there wouldn’t be an intelligent life form out side of human life. And then again why would intelligent life forms want to interact with us.

    1. @One by Land, Two if by Sea Run if by Air Let me know when you wish to have a serious conversation.

    2. @Tessmage Tessera Whales and dolphins have larger brains than humans, more developed brains, more folding in the cerebral cortex, more grey matter, and every other marker for intelligence, including more complex language use.

      If Dolphins had thumbs you’d be on a leash right now.

    3. @One by Land, Two if by Sea Run if by Air No, it doesn’t work that way. It’s the RATIO of brain mass versus body mass that seems to be the main determiner of overall intelligence. In that regard, humans are unsurpassed on this planet.

    4. @Tessmage Tessera I’ve heard that, even from some biologists, unfortunately. Intelligence isn’t body ratio, that’s on old pop-culture myth started by junk science. Intelligence is complex and correlated to neuroanatomical structures far more than body size. If you have a 790 lbs person, does their intelligence drop with EC ratio? Are shorter people smarter than taller people? Are children smarter than adults (They have the highest EC ratios by far)? Of course not, but a while back a small group of scientists found a lazy explanation; one that was immediately rebuffed by competent neuroscientists. Now some misguided biologists do contortions and claim it’s still true, except only for cross-species comparison. But it’s the same debunked argument repackaged by, no surprise: Not neuroscientists.

      You better hope it’s NOT the ratio, since the mormyridae fish (freshwater fish in Africa) has a larger EC ratio than humans. Many, many other animals likely do also. We haven’t even identified many species yet, let alone tested the ones we know about. If you want to look at intelligence, you’re in a tough area. Glial cells likely play a large role, in addition to the structures i previously mentioned. But it’s not that simple: many life forms learn and store memory without a central nervous system (squid, octopus are highly intelligent). But some plants are proven to learn and store memories, without a nervous system at all. Yes; Intelligence and memory without neurons. Intelligence isn’t so easy a subject as our culture assumes. Good scientific reasoning indicates Whales and dolphins are entirely likely to possess more raw intelligence than humans, bruised egos aside.

    1. Agree! Brennan knows and was hiding his face because there are people skilled at lie detecting via facial expressions. Biden was also looking shifty eyed in his statement. Obama gave a safe answer. Of course there are pictures of unidentifiable objects. He didn’t say if there are images the general public couldn’t identify, but he could.

    2. Yeah. It was mad awkward watching him talk. It’s like he was trying to hide behind his hand. 😂

    3. He looked like he had a headache. But yah to covering his face like avoiding the experts in reading facial expressions to evaluate truth or lies.
      Or maybe he has a tracker in his brain the aliens installed to signal them if he talked about it. Lol js

    4. He has seen the clear videos and other evidence that most people haven’t. (Those fighter aircraft have optical video gun cameras, yet you haven’t seen any of that footage. Ever wonder WHY?). He was struggling to admit the truth and actually say “Aliens” out loud. Many have come up to that line recently, but few have actually said it. As CIA Director, he knows things you don’t. And you all should take that statement *VERY* seriously.

    5. He seemed very hesitant to speak in direct terms and thought carefully on how to say it in a vague manner that couldn’t get him in trouble. Definitely seemed like he knew more, but I don’t blame him from holding back. God knows what the CIA would do to him and his family. Prosecution is probably the least of their worries.

  2. If they can come here, but we can’t go there, they’re significantly advanced.
    If they wanted to harm us, they would have already.
    They’re probably just observing us, and waiting for us to GROW UP. 😏

    1. @Bonnie Smith 100% Correct. Malmstrom Airforce Base had 10 Minute Man nuclear missiles disabled by a glowing UFO in the 1960’s, and the deactivation is a matter of record. Official investigation by Boeing and US military found no explanation as to how it occured. Documents confirming this are Declassified. If anyone “feels” like denying facts, then they should Look them up.

    2. @One by Land, Two if by Sea Run if by Air whatever these are they had to be sent…what do you think would happen if they went missing? What do you think would happen if that missing was from some teenagers trying to be the first with a selfie? O

    3. @Nic Moreno They could be autonomous probes, could be completely uncategorized life forms, or could be craft with occupants. I hope nobody tries (again) to shoot them down. We don’t want that retrieval unit coming for us.

    4. @One by Land, Two if by Sea Run if by Air that’s one reason why I don’t get officials are admitting to this…some will be dying to get their 15 minutes of fame resulting in conflict

    1. @JWalkers Conner the fox that bidens former cheif of staff is the vp of? Its more about being unbias, applying logic, understanding science and how real scientific studies work… A history of nazi germanys rise to power has been the biggest help. Total media control. Censoring of all opposition. Those kinds of things

    2. The universe is 13.7 billion years old. If there is/was intelligent life out there that rivals Earth then it’s a pretty good bet it’s already destroyed itself before it could ever get out of it’s own solar system.

    3. When ET passes by earth he says: look guys another uninteresting underdeveloped life form to ignore.

      When humans pass an anthill they say: look people I can roast the insects with my magnifying glass.

    4. Perfect ! And I want to add that we are training very smart people to send them to Mars. Fatal error. We need to send the dumbest people, it will increase the earth average.

  3. My Uncle was a Captain of many years and flew for American Airlines. Years before smart phones, he was flying over NY State and they had a long cylindrical shaped craft come up to their jet; without windows, wings or lights. It was seen by radar on the ground and air force fighters were launched. As soon as they came near, the object darted away at blinding speed. When they landed, my Uncle and his crew were debriefed that “this incident never occured”. He said a few passengers had typical cameras and had photographed it. The military confiscated their cameras. I have absolutely no reason to not believe my Uncle.

    1. @oldslowcoach yes, true, but I meant that there is a MUCH higher probability that we aren’t. The probability that we are is like hitting a single grain of rice from 30,000 feet in the air with a dart, imo.

    2. @One by Land, Two if by Sea Run if by Air you are wrong about NDT. He has repeatedly said there MUST be intelligent life out there, but the problem is, no one has any real proof, or evidence that he can base a study around that they are visiting us HERE. I think he has made that perfectly clear.

    3. @Cheshire Cat He said a lot more than that, This isn’t his first interview on UFOs. He hasn’t bothered to look for evidence, he just assumes there is none. He’s knee-jerk dismissive; a reactionary.

      Yes, he understands that the math says life exists outside our planet, but can’t bring himself to understand there is NO scientific reason those civilizations haven’t already reached Earth. That disconnected shows clear Confirmation Bias and Cognitive Dissonance.

      When In Fact, there is a great deal of evidence these objects aren’t human made, since their capabilities still exceed ours and have since 1896 when thousand of people across the US reported flying objects in the sky. It’s foolish to claim those were “misidentified aircraft of superior capability”, or any similar nonsense.

      I have no patience for scientists who publicly vault their naive opinions forward as having the authority of science behind it. His opinions are on par with any 12 year old that hasn’t studied the material. Tyson’s uninformed with intellectually lazy opinions. He has no business appearing as a science authority without ever studying the subject. He isn’t the Emperor of Sciencelandia.

      There are many physicists and astrophysicists that have both studied this phenomenon AND have impeccable scientific credentials. Tyson is a Layman by comparison.

      If you’re going to act as the public mouthpiece of science, you damned well better study the data first.

    4. @Ford Perfect The FAA has audiotape from pilots reporting “a cylinder” flying alongside their plane. It was even broadcast on the nightly news within the last year. That’s a first-hand account with physical recordings you can listen to yourself. That one was over California as i recall, but there was another over Chicago a few years ago, also with multiple witnesses and FAA audio tapes.

      There is plenty of evidence, but some prefer to assume there isn’t.

  4. Aliens: We see your planetary air conditioning is going out. We can get you extended warranty. Just sign here, and we’ll install a giant mirror for you.

    1. Just imagine how rare planets like ours are. From that perspective I often wonder if aliens would allow us to destroy it, or ‘damage beyond repair’. They’re obviously not interfering with our atrocities so far, so I wonder if that is a golden rule until the very last moment, or if there is a point where they have decided they are allowed to step in, and maybe even take over. – I guess the question is, can *they* afford to let a planet like ours go to waste?

    2. @TheBushdoctor68 Or perhaps an advance alien species knows how to correct the damage once we destroy ourselves, and they just move on in.

    3. @John Edward Scientists were aware over 30 years ago that carbon emissions had to be lowered and we did nothing and still are doing nothing now. Some scientists believe we have as little as 7 years to do something now. I just don’t see how in the world we live in today that without massive changes in how we live to correct the problem that anything can be done. We are going to get to a point that it simply will be to late (if not to late already) to do anything.

    1. We are not.
      Whales and dolphins have larger and more developed brains, with more complex language. Everyone secretly knows their dog is smarter than they are also.

  5. There has got to be some intelligent life out there, cause God knows there ain’t much here…

    1. Intelligent life ‘out there’ is certain. The problem would be their distance from us, and whether they notice us, and have the means and will, and happen to exist at the same time as us… they could have died off when we were tiny mammals fleeing the last of the dinosaurs- maybe they won’t be intelligent for another billion years.

  6. According to Monty Python: “And pray that there’s intelligent life somewhere up in space.
    ‘Cause it’s bugger all down here on Earth.”

    1. @Bob Stewart you didn’t read all my message. The meaning of life is in my top 10 movie favourite films. “The life of me” being in there also.

  7. Maybe Trump thinks the Aliens are going to come make him President again in August. He’s out there.
    I believe in Aliens but I don’t believe one thing Trump says ever.

    1. ‘and I’m actually going to be reinstated, probably in a couple of weeks, by some very great people that I met because of Space Force. which is something that I came up with. they said they weren’t really sure about it, but I said it was a great idea and then it really happened very quickly. and they’ve been calling me their leader, which many people have said is good. and they don’t like the word, ‘alien’, because it reminds them of Mexico and they really didn’t like it before the wall. but I’ve done the wall, and it’s a beautiful, beautiful wall. you can see it from space. they’re all loving it and that’s why I’ll not only be the real President of the United States, but the President of Space also, believe me.’

  8. Maybe they have no interest in interacting with us. Lots of reasons to avoid humans, have you seen our behavior?

    1. “Take us to your leader”
      *takes them to the White House*
      “No, you’re real leaders”
      *Takes them to the Pentagon*

    2. Huh… you do realize Biden still wants to “disappear” Snowden without a trial, right ? “Better than trump” doesn’t mean “good guy”.

    3. I believe Trump didn’t tell the truth about aliens before he left office bc it would have taken away from him and all his (no) glory. Pretty sure that’s correct

  9. “Unidentified” means just that. Until we can identify these flying objects, there’s no real proof yet, but I keep an open mind. After seeing Trump become our 45th president, I now believe anything is possible.

  10. “Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.” – Arthur C. Clarke

    1. @Josephine Nilsson I agree. I think the quote is outdated. It’s formed in a time where people approached this matter from a War of the Worlds type of scenario.

  11. Trump’s 2024 slogan: We’re building a wall around our solar system and getting the Alpha Centurians to pay for it!

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