1. Trusting a Conservative Christian is like
    Staying Overnight in a Serial Killer’s
    House and Expecting to wake up the
    Next Morning. 😂

  2. The court gave each state the right to decide on the law if a woman wants to kill her unborn child she still can she just has to go where she can kill her unborn child

    1. @Aisha bint Abu Bakr I assume you mean abortion. I myself do not like abortion as birth control, but I don’t think others should have any say about a woman’s body. Society could do an excellent job of sex education, maximize the availability of birth control and offer a smooth and easy path that encourages women to carry to term with the intention of letting the baby be adopted. Which party would be against these 3 policies? Meanwhile Trump both stupidly and deliberately bungled the federal pandemic response. A good President would have chosen a path like Vietnam did and there would be OVER 900,000 Americans that did not die and millions that would not have contracted covid.

    2. @Mike Hughes If you believe there is parity in lying between the parties, you are not able to discern the truth. I know of an endless stream of Republican lies because FRED tells me the truth. I am hoping that Liz and Adam will lead the creation of a Big Center Party.

    3. @Robit McClain
      Individual governors decided to bungle COVID (which is why in NY old nursing home people were grouped with COVID people).

    4. @Robit McClain
      On abortion, you either know that the function of sex is reproduction or you don’t.
      And if you are over 13 and don’t know – I was taught at 11 – then you should be criminally banned from having sex because you have cognitive difficulties

  3. Only excuse he can have is he changed his mind? By still he seem to think that roe was a terrible mistake from the get go?

  4. To be completely honest about roll v Wade so what Michigan I got to have my wife’s permission to get fixed I can only get fixed if I have two kids so I don’t get a choice if I don’t want kids and there’s other states out there identical to Michigan now how do you figure this is fair

    1. Kennedy is also a liar without principles. Every family has a black sheep and this one should have been put to pasture 40 years earlier 🎉

  5. Maybe Justice Alito leaked the draft opinion himself — to forestall Justice Roberts from voting against him.

    1. It wasn’t the leak that was dangerous, it was his deeply unpopular opinion. but of course the party of personal responsibility does nothing but lie cheat and steal and then blame others when caught.

  6. Justice
    Protect and serve
    One nation under…

    It’s all meaningless
    Whata poor excuse for a country, soft hatful and scared of who we are; monsters

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