All 44 Forever 21 stores in Canada shutting down before the end of 2019

All 44 Forever 21 stores in Canada shutting down before the end of 2019 1


CTV Chief Financial Commentator Pattie Lovett-Reid says the company's debts were growing, and Canadian 2,000 employees will be impacted by the closures.

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13 Comments on "All 44 Forever 21 stores in Canada shutting down before the end of 2019"

  1. 44 stores here in Canada? What the? Really? Why? Are they owned by Starbucks, or did they just model their business plan for over saturation of the market?

  2. PROUD TO BE CANADIAN! | September 30, 2019 at 11:26 AM | Reply

    Overpriced and cheap quality made in China clothes. I get better quality clothing at Walmart for a cheaper price than at Forever 21.

  3. It’s high rent and high business and payroll taxes. The Goverment in Canada set businesses up for failure. If not very, very well managed it will not survive.

  4. Am waiting for a sale

    • Where I’m from, everything is already on sale. All their mini stuff on the shelves by the lineup is like, 2 dollars, and most of their clothing is on sale, with a huge chunk on clearance racks.

  5. That’s too bad. Forever 21 was my favourite place for cougar hunting.

  6. The biggest surprise in the last decade

  7. How sad. Who cares? Merchandise merchandise merchandise. Don’t we have enough junk?

  8. Another victim of Amazon.

  9. Was the last chance I visit forever 21 last weeks in hk before they closed. Will miss them

  10. Jonathan Belanger | October 1, 2019 at 9:49 AM | Reply

    Never heard of it

  11. Forever didn’t last very long; sounds like a lot of forever relationships.

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