All Eyes On GOP As McCarthy Mulls Jan. 6 Committee Picks

California Democratic Congressman and member of the select committee on the January 6th insurrection, Adam Schiff, believes the committee will investigate several unanswered questions regarding what happened leading up to and on January 6th. Some questions he hopes to focus on are how much knowledge did the Trump White House have about the planning of the riot and what information was shared from intelligence to other agencies about the impending riot.

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    1. Shame on us BUT we do have Katie Porter. That woman is amazing. We need more of her kind.

    2. @Shirley Andrews she is amazing, knowledgeable, and has zero tolerance for BS. love that lady 💯

    3. @Shirley Andrews definitely need Katie. She would have him shaking in his shoes and stuttering like a scared school boy. LOL!

    4. @Shirley Andrews, yes! I love Katie Porter! She represents CA much better. 💯

      California is such a huge state that it depends where you live, but a lot of areas have people on the Left, Right and who are in the middle. Living in it, I know, being a Californian.

      Kevin McCarthy is a bought disgrace and a Republican in Democrat name/label only. Most politicians are not squeaky clean, but he is one of the bad apples, for sure. 🤨

  1. Time each and every American politician be audited. How they become multi millionaires … FOLLOW THE MONEY!

    1. @Cptlsthipi Not only is the Chao family behind Foremost, but Si-Cheng(James) Chao was college roommates with Jiang Zemin. As in former President of China Jiang Zemin. They would remain lifelong friends. She grew up calling him Uncle.
      In its formative years, Si-Cheng was sent to Taiwan, and later “asked to leave” according to him, politely deported by others, for what amounts to financial espionage. He moved to New York and got an MBA, then brought his family to the US. Interestingly, his wife never made the trip, and seems to have disappeared.

    2. “Richo” And yet you russians allowed little putin to steal the entire russian economy. LOL! Why is it that none of you russians follow the money1?

  2. What do the Republican Senators have to hide where they don’t want this committee to carry on and find crimes they may have committed

    1. @Michael Darby I do not know or understand why the Republican party is dishing out all this money for a conspiracy search of the ballot like Bigfoot switch them when no one was looking so they got a test it for unknown primate hairs

    2. @Mike Johnson I believe that this is how it’s misconstrued by some on both sides of the party….. election integrity versus conspiracy theories…. I’m not a computer guru or a electronic device expert but if someone can hack your phone then possibly the voting machines could be. I’ve heard people on both sides say, ” iF yOu dOnT hAvE AnyTHiNg to hide”….. Then way dominion refuse to give information about machines? Idk….. who knows man…. who knows?????

    3. @Michael DarbyThe voting machines aren’t connected to outside sources like your phone is. It’s a closed system on purpose. There was no fraud.

    4. @T.A. ACKERMAN they had to be plugged into something to send tallies. If it was the internet, anything is possible. If machines are wifi capable it’s possible. NSA logging this conversation is possible. Idk , I watch all the “news channels ” and I don’t see CNN, MSNBC covering as much detailed things that happened. I do know there’s a great divide between Americans and it isn’t good. In other countries that sh¡t is about to hit the fan, the threats we get are not reported as much as they should be. We have a strong military for sure, do you think it’s possible to get it’s personnel critically low? What type of man or woman would you want defending our country, our homeland? Country boys and girls that had a 22 rifle in their hands when they were 8 or some up north city boy that can’t change a tire? Dang, sorry I started rambling. Lol

    1. My favorite flip flop was that lockdown would not be two weeks. My favorite part is none of the places really re-opened and nobody got compensated. Democrats can illegally mandate that you aren’t aloud to make a paycheck and they will still get the majority vote. It’s utter insanity 🙂

    2. @Nunya Business no he said any republican that agrees to seat in on the committee will be stripped of their duties. That’s a threat. And they are following the right tradition which is speaking the truth no matter what they put country before a person. And that’s what all of them both parties are suppose to do.

    3. @Deborah Szczesniak I have watched several interviews and not once has he said that they would be stripped of their current assignments. If you have, I’d love to see it.

  3. Having any Republikkkan on the Jan 6th investigation, is like having Al-Qaeda on the 9/11 Commission.
    The Republikkkans in Congress were part of the attempted coup.

    1. @Troy Baisden I’m just going by videos I’ve seen and public records I’ve read, if your trying to convince me its my lying eyes then maybe your the disinformation……
      Take care and God bless ✌

    2. KKK?
      Did you know Biden is a Racist?
      Many of his racial gems can be found on YT video.

    1. Might have to stand in line for 10 hours with no food or water just to cast a vote in trumpland.

    2. @Mike Keller I just listen to Ben Rhodes on CNN talking about his book( After The Fall).He talked about how Hungary became a democracy to autocracy and just 10 years.He asked some activist how did this happen??
      They said it’s simple.. There is a Playbook that is pursued around the world. Victor was a right-wing who was voted in on a populist backlash to a financial crisis. THEN what he did was, redrew parliamentary districts to entrench his party in power,  He changed the voting laws to make it easier for his supporters to vote, pack the courts with far-right judges to back him up.  Enriched some people on the outside, who then bought up the media, then turned it into a propaganda machinery that put people in an alternate reality then wrapped it all up with a Us Versus Them naturalist bow… making it us being the real hungarians ,Them being immigrants, liberalist George Soros groups …This is a Playbook being run by people who want to take the Machinery of democracy and use it for their own purpose…. WHICH IS TO ENTRENCH THEMSELVES IN POWER…DOES THIS SOUND EXACTLY WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THE USA WITH THE REPUBLICAN PARTY? THIS IS SOME SERIOUS 💩

    3. @S J That’s exactly what Trump and the GOP attempted to do. If these inserectionists aren’t held accountable it could happen again. Trump needs to be locked up.

    4. @Mike Keller I think another one is in the works right now..Will be surprised if isn’t..Now the question is ..How will it be stamped down before it becomes a civil know evil exists now if one sick demonic inspired, greed and power filled man can intimidate and control a party is proof there is definitely a darkness in this world at work..Hungarians and Belarus just lost their freedoms to an authoritarian autocracy..WE ARE NEXT IF WE DON’T VOTE THEM OUT IN MASSIVE NUMBERS..

    1. @Mike Keller
      Super duper depends liberally laced with Arm and Hammer Baking Soda. What a sight to imagine and I can’t rid myself of it.

    1. @The Morose Pittbull and where does that pipeline go ??one of already five lines from Russia to germany…so what would any sanction do for the US??? NONE DOES IT COMEFROM RUSSIA TO THE US ? ITS NOT EVEN AMERICAN LAND ITS NOT BENIFITING AMERICANS SO WHY WOULD YOU EVEN CARE?

    2. @Nic Moreno Do you need a simple explanation on how economies work sport?
      Or are you just going to pretend your shilling is fact?

    3. @Nic Moreno Hey shill,
      Did Russia ever have the balls to fire on a UK boat before?
      Pllllleeeeeeaaaaassse answer troll.
      I wanna bat you around a bit

    4. Those threatening civil war if Trump’s not back in office by mid August seems serious. If that’s big enough, it could well destroy the country.

    1. @Bill Robbins kind of like how dems are against any investigation into the voter fraud? Or into the bidens? Or clintons? We could play this game all day you sheep

    2. @Alwaysgetsdeleted Account believe republicans investigated Benghazi and Hillary about 5 times. Came up with nothing. One insurrection attempt from any president is just one too many for me. Maybe you like the idea, don’t know. Maybe that’s why you Alwaysgetsdeleted Account? Your tag, not mine. 🤮

    1. I called his office and told his lackey I wouldn’t support him or anyone in his family in politics until the sun goes out. That’s what I will teach my children and their children. He is a traitor and we will never forget.

  4. MTG, Louie Gohmert, Boebert, Gym Jordand and Mo Brooks.They will represent the Q.not the USA.

    1. its very hard to charge someone for that speech based on precedents. it isnt direct enough, people have said worse and have not been charged with incitement so its a hard nut to crack. im not saying its right or not incitement, its just we have an up hill battle to get charges for his speech

  5. A tree falls in the forest question: If a Republican gets subpoenaed, are they even capable of telling the truth?

  6. When someone may be involved in a crime,you don’t have them investigate said crime. Republicants don’t want it,so shouldn’t have it. All politicians,from here on out,need to,watch their mouths,thing’s they do etc.fineally these officer’s will have an investigation 🔎🙄. These insurectionist and those like them need to know never again. What those people did 1/6was a traitorous crimes

  7. Mr. McCarth will be walking on “EGGSHELLS” throwing “DODGEBALLS” at those JAN 6th Insurrection questions.

    1. @Mike Keller
      A “MONSTER” who betrays a friend, country, principle, etc… and intellectually impotent “COWARD.”

  8. Fun Fact: “As the Republican Party grapples with deep divisions over the extent to which it should embrace Trump after losing the White House and both chambers of Congress…”

  9. Anyone of them who “abdicates their duty to the Constitution” needs to be expelled. That’s the crux of Congress.

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