All Island Teachers Strike, Devastating | $40B for Road Improvement in 3 Years

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  1. Smh all I see going on with the government is pure foolishness πŸ˜’ they don’t care about nobody but them selves. πŸ’―

  2. 100% salary increases for politicians wasn’t no problem for them,teachers and police officers must pressure politicians

  3. I love how solving the behavioural problems in schools is to have police there. Not more guidance counselors or social workers. Police. You all don’t see how problematic that is?

  4. This is one of the reason why the teachers should b paid good …as they r needed just by presents to keep the economy moving… financially..

  5. Teachers, police are essential services and should not be allowed to strike .
    Appoint an arbitration committee to handle all labour related issues and stay on the job .
    All of this should have been avoided by the government.

  6. What wrong with these SoCal leaders don’t you see the education minister needs medical attention asap

  7. People such as nurses have gotten 3.4 million or more as a base annually with a Bachelor’s degree while teachers are being offered 2.5 million as a base, and consider the fact that nurses are paid for overtime and teachers are not.

    1. COVID-19 taught us to value the contribution of nurses and medical personnel much more than any other sector. It is not necessarily about comparative qualifications BUT the IMPACT of work loads and the consequences of their inputs or lack thereof to nation sustenance.

  8. How can parents help and the government let parents can’t even talk to there children much less teachers we need to hold our leaders accountable

  9. The JLP government has a history of treating teachers with impunity. I remember when Seaga took the plane out of Jamaica and drove teachers back to work. They are too disrespectful. Set of scammers in parliament.

  10. I stand with Teachers ……That is what it took in America, Strikes; I see comments that some teachers are characterized as clowns but what about those that are serious. A big raise and a good teacher evaluation system will do Jamaica good; reward some and weed out fakers…….Celebrate Education from Texas, USA

  11. Teachers must get the highest pay because if it wasn’t for them no government or doctors would be.

  12. I hate this government to the fullest, big up d teachers i stand with, you have the power change any situation they try to put you in, powers to the teachers.

  13. You guidance counselor to prevent conflict among students. Make sure the buses are strong enough to deal with the Jamaican bad road condition. Make sure you have trained technicians to do repairs. Make sure you have a contract with the bus manufacturers to supply spare parts. if these matters are not a priority, it would be a waste of taxpayers’ money. We have seen this problem in the past. Let’s learn from our mistake.

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