All Natural Foods Cure Child's Cancer | TVJ News - Sept 27 2021 1

All Natural Foods Cure Child’s Cancer | TVJ News – Sept 27 2021


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  1. Don’t eat food for the taste.
    Eat food for the medicine.
    Stop eating meat.
    Stop drinking milk.
    Stop drinking alcohol.
    Did you know that sugar is a drug.
    Did you know that Cancer survive on sugar.

    1. @Denise Dunkley nature not the god that was beaten and tortured into them by the kidnapper who kidnapped your ancestors and gave them Christianity!

  2. I believe in this my friend had stage 4 cancer and I made natural juices everyday and it cured him ! Jamaicans need to clean up their diet too much meats and rice and not enough green vegetables and fruits and we live in a tropical island! We also need to stop over cooking our foods!

  3. Nature is our best gift! It’s for us to unearth its benefits. Sew life seeds and let it buss Earth. I couldn’t trust none of them like how I trust her. Great story

  4. All the herbs and grains the bible speaks about is what’s going to heal us from all sickness all we have to do is trust God and his doings. He’s never wrong. Happy for you mommy and your sweet baby girl, Gods richest blessing, mercy and grace I ask that he continues to bestow upon you.

  5. HALLELUJAH the Balm in Gilead is still alive thanks to him for all our natural Herbs and to those he imparted knowledge to… Blessings continually on her and the entire family

  6. I am so happy your baby is heal , thank God . i always believed that a healthy diet can cure cancer or prevent it . could you please share what did you feed the baby with , I’m sure there is people out there that would like to know thank you so much.

  7. God is still in the healing business. Glory to his name. Mom hope you realize your child is special. Hope you are saved so she can follow in your footsteps

  8. As stated in Genesis, the herbs are our meat. Keep in mind, our Creator gave us all natural foods for our health and well-being, “not” artificial, processed or synthetic versions.

  9. My own family member diagnosed with stage 1 & 2 in separate parts of the body got surgery to cut out growths and then went on a very clean diet! In 6 months no cancer and been cancer free since 2016. All praises to The Most High God!

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