Alleged 'mastermind' behind the assassination of Haiti's president arrested | Here's what we know 1

Alleged ‘mastermind’ behind the assassination of Haiti’s president arrested | Here’s what we know


Anne-Rose Schoen discusses the arrest of Christian Emmanuel Sanon, the alleged 'mastermind' behind the president's assassination.

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  1. Divide and conquer. Oldest trick in the book. BROTHERS QND SUSTERS MUST ALL STICK TOGETHER WORLDWIDE

    1. Lol he seems to think he’s in a 1940’s gangster or film noir movie. Just missing his cigarette, hat, and trench coat.

  2. The Haiti’s mastermind looks like a retired grandfather why would this relaxed Oldman be a contender for Haiti’s power struggle.

    1. And even if he was a contender, how the risk guarantee him the presidency? He’s obviously a scapegoat

    1. It’s his country he was trying to make it better but he did it the wrong way he went the way of a coup him being a long time doctor you would think he would of thought it out better

  3. Ex Columbian army men hired to do the job, of course someone who got connection brought them in to carry out assassination in mid of political power grab in a foreign country. These guys could care less about who is in charged of Haiti, provided their bank account is fill up. They are mercenary!

  4. it’s an open Bank account (unlimited amount of money on you bank account)if you get elected. I would want to be a politicians in Haiti too.

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