Alleged Security Forces Killing in Jamaica | Death of Michael Sharpe | MP Land Dispute 1

Alleged Security Forces Killing in Jamaica | Death of Michael Sharpe | MP Land Dispute


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  1. He was a Christian young man, of good character he sing on the Choi at church, he was the youth director at our church they murder a church man, we want justice.

  2. a pay fkry jdf duh in a jamaica dem nuh live up to jdf a jkf dem name Jamaica kill force and not Jamaica defense force

    1. @Hengel Andrews full time now fi unuh stop act like pussies can’t u see where the country is heading… the man a nuh informer mentality fi cut out… how u gonna see someone kill a person and seh u an nuh informer but if someone fi u get killed u ago want the person who see fi inform we need fi wake up …

    2. @Legal Bandit is that supposed to be smart “even the blind can read”. You’ve heard about Braille and audible touch read, right… Did you honestly believe blind people don’t use the Internet or better can’t read?

    1. He does nothing for that community. He want them to work I. His sugar cane fields and on his farms almost nothing.

  3. He’ll be miss I grow up listening to this man my dad alway listen to him RIP SIR your legend thanks for your wonderful workmanship sleep well

    1. But the news said the gun was behind the dresser so if the gun was behind the dresser and more than one police officer over him how could he be a threat to them at that point…Guess they stop taking in accused

    2. A nuh everytime police kill man n seh dem fine gun that mean dem fine gun yer.dem police yah a big criminal

  4. Until Jamacian police start using body camera as was passed years ago but to this day,none using it,we cant know the truth. A lot of lies was told on George Floyd in America, it was video footage that exonerated it,why it shouldn’t be that same way in Jamaica.

  5. When Mr Charles came to ST Thomas as a member of Parliament he, “acquire” those lands. He nor any of his blood line owned any land in the parish, prior to him representing the jlp.

  6. Family will always say that their loved ones are innocent, regardless of how long is their criminal record as well as suspects in other crimes, but (this time he is innocent)…hmmm

  7. Every time I see the news of Michael Sharpe I feel like am choking with tears. How befitting that another stalwart in journalism Earl Moxon is covering his story. RIP Michael

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