Almost Two Dozen HBCU Colleges And Universities Are Canceling Millions In Student Debt

Jelani Cobb and Ivory Toldson discuss the impact of over 20 HBCU colleges and universities wiping out student debt, and what that means for young Black Americans trying to build wealth.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Almost Two Dozen HBCU Colleges And Universities Are Canceling Millions In Student Debt


    1. @Paul Wilson Of course this would upset you because YOU are the entitled white one. They can do whatever they want.

    2. @Paul Wilson I think you’re another one who has the wrong idea. This only wiped away a balance on the books owed to the school. The student loans don’t get wiped away. So if I (for instance) owed the school $700 then they they erased that. I’m still on the hook for the student loans. How is that racist? If they truly wiped away all the HBCU student loans away it would be real headline news? There are non-blacks who attend HBCUs by the way.

    3. @V M Vaccine discrimination is systemic RACISM because the vast majority of unvaccinated are people of color.

      Mandatory vaccines are preventing them from working grocery shopping, or going to restaurants & gyms !!

  1. See there is a solution. The rest need to follow and not just wait on the government to bail out the students. We should have never gotten to this point 😔.

    1. “Federal Pandemic Funds” Meaning this is literally a government bail out.

      However it is only for the privileged few.

    2. @i dont have time 2 reply by privileged few you mean the ones who care about helping students not be sucked dry by the system? There are entirely too many junk college courses. People don’t take the time to research the classes that colleges are trying to pass off. My ex was one such person. After I put her through college and she decided to bail about half way through realizing that her degree was going to be useless quit. That was my fault for not saying no. But live and learn. I’ve seen too many people come out with their degrees and only make a third of what someone who was at the company that didn’t have one.

    3. @BTM I tried to respond but I’m being censored.

      Partially agree with you about college being a scam in certain cases. I said a lot more too about finances but I digress.

      Have a good one

    I hope this aides in an attempt for more HBCU’s to increase their enrollment numbers.

  3. I need mines paid. Been paying for 20+, including during the pandemic. Laws need to be paid to erase all old loans. Ijs

  4. …and whatever other command there may be, are summed up in this one rule: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Love does no harm to it’s neighbor. Therefore love ❤ is the fulfillment of the law.” – Romans 13:9, 10

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