Alta. is in for a 'tsunami wave of cases': Dr. Markland 1

Alta. is in for a ‘tsunami wave of cases’: Dr. Markland


Intensive care physician Dr. Darren Markland says there has always been a 'disconnect' between the premier and Alberta's medical community.

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    1. @Randy Lin That is highly variable. Early treatments are done here too, but there is no absolute certainty. The same for OTHER COUNTRIES.

    1. if the unvaxed are making the vaxed sick, then the evidence would suggest the vax is not effective.
      If you have a headache and you take an aspirin and the headache does not go away how is it my fault that your headache did not go away because I never took an aspirin. ??

    2. @GEORGE Duncan i don’t understand why these freaking morons can’t take the real facts allready… i guess if the gov tells them tide pods were scientifically proven to cure covid they would still swallow them.

  1. They are already going to take away your license just as soon as they can so you might as well go to a Police Station and have Kenny and Hinshaw arrested for murder!!

  2. Do it already. Stop talking about and start making decision on who should live and die. Because all it look like is the boy that cry wolf.

  3. Soon in Canada: a syringe statue with words: “we came to vaccinate 80% to bring 4th tsunami wave and sla-very”

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