Alta. stresses 'flexibility' in new federal child-care deal 1

Alta. stresses ‘flexibility’ in new federal child-care deal


Alta. Children's Services Minister Rebecca Schulz discusses the decision to enter into a child-care deal with the federal government.

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  1. wonder why they call it a deal? as it isn’t a deal for those that don’t have kids in daycare more reason for the provinces to raise taxes to pay for this in five years

  2. Alberta’s government is working harder to de unionize and privatize public sector jobs and positions. It’ll be a cold day in hE77 before they accept money for universal child care if it can’t be moved to tax deductions and the private sector.

    1. @Bye-bye Trudeau when I read this kind of argument all I see is someone with a very poor understanding of Canada’s tax system

    2. @sparkee666 When I read this kind of argument all I see is someone with severe self entitlement, a true trough feeder that believes they are owed something by the taxpayers just for being spawned.

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