Alta. teens ticketed $600 each for crossing railroad tracks 1

Alta. teens ticketed $600 each for crossing railroad tracks


A group of Calgary teens were ticketed $600 by CPR and aren’t happy about it.Bill Macfarlane reports

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    1. Hope CP Rail get into big trouble for negligently leaving the gate unlocked and creating a hazard for adults and children.

  1. Even in canada you heve the right not to show your id, unless you are part of an ongoing criminal investigation and just say that you chose to remain silent, they can’t force you to talk

  2. This is how CN and other railroad companies operate… walk along the lines and you could face huge legal consequences

  3. Weird how they couldn’t do anything to previous protesters blocking the tracks.
    That was a government approved protest just like statues torn down eh.

  4. Really CPR, you’ll enforce 600$ dollar tickets on young students. But will bow down to protesters because you have no courage to stand up to a group that were actually camping and staying on your tracks. That tells me what kind of cowards and bullies that CPR really is.

    1. @Dalton Grimes weird. When I lived in Alberta and when I went to school I was always talk alb and ab for abbreviations. Never Alta. That’s weird. It seems like they are trying to modernize and abbreviation as it really doesn’t fit well IMO.

  5. Lol they don’t even say if the kidnapper was put on leave. Canada. There are probably still children’s homes that need to be dug up…

  6. FYI! That is private property, always has been, always will be. There should not have to be signs and an open gate does not give you the right to trespass. If you are killed….who do you think your parents are going to sue? Mom….it’s YOUR job to educate your kids, do your job. But then again the adults are being poor role models if they do it themselves.

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