Alternate juror reveals what convinced her of Chauvin's guilt 1

Alternate juror reveals what convinced her of Chauvin’s guilt


Lisa Christensen, an alternate juror in Derek Chauvin's trial, told reporters that Dr. Martin Tobin, the doctor who explained how George Floyd died, convinced her of the former police officer's guilt.

As an alternate juror, Christensen sat through the entire trial but was dismissed prior to deliberations, so she was not one of the 12 jurors who voted to convict Chauvin on two counts of murder and one count of manslaughter.

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  1. Prosecutor-“Did you make a 911 call?”
    Donald Williams-“That is correct. I did call the police on the police.”
    Prosecutor-“Why did you do that?”
    Donald Williams-“I believe I witnessed a murder.”

    1. @Em Andem these idiots don’t even understand or comprehend what you’re saying and they obviously did not watch the trial so don’t even waste your breath dude

    2. @Shana M have you not noticed that the man in the court room and the cop don’t have the same nose or shape of their ears are different. Guess you didn’t notice.

  2. She will never forget the experience. Her demeanor speaks volumes about how tiring it must have been.

    1. Her bein in tired is nothing. Compared to the family and loved ones of George and she didn’t think he deserved all the charges I’m sorry but this isn’t about her

    1. @Ems Life
      Thank you for the knowledgeable and clinical distinction.
      I am very tired of the masses of people going on and on incorrectly, when it’s the actual and true “posterior neckband shoulder.” Instead, in the very recent inaccurate collective memories, these masses of people are saying it was simply George’s “neck.” By saying that, this implies that it was George’s throat, obviously shading Chauvin incorrectly on the guilty side.
      So, thank you again!
      I really do appreciate the clarification.

    2. @Rachel Vomhof
      I like that you are an expert, Rachel, based on your sister having been through Police Academy training. I am really at awe.
      I suppose then that I am also something of an expert myself. I saw the movie, or actually series of movies back in the 80’s titled, “Police Academy.”

    3. @Craig you’re stupid… I first said it was proven in court by the other officers in training and just said my sister said the same thing not that I was an expert

    4. @Rachel Vomhof
      Rachel, how nice.
      I am glad for your sister being an officer of the law.
      I am sure that you then support:
      Blue Lives Matter

    5. @Ems Life watch the Prosecution’s case and change your own mind. You’re closed minded and that’s why you’re just exposing yourself for your ignorance and stupidity. They really let anyone pass their clinical training these days smh

  3. Well I’m glad she was an alternate and not an actual juror, she felt sorry for him, she said he made a mistake, how can 9 mins and 29 sec be a mistake.

    1. @Shorty Dancer it’s punishment, you did it to yourself, think of the extreme he had to go to, to put himself in jail, and that’s why all the sympathy i have belong to the Floyd family, I wouldn’t waste any thoughts or emotions on this animal, he took a life, I have no sympathy for him, had this been an accidental death case then yes, but not this.

    2. @Shorty Dancer Chauvin is an adult. Let alone a police officer. One who upholds the power of the State. Yet he had a utter disregard for life when he killed George Floyd. He didn’t care about Floyd until now when he’s facing the consequences. I have no empathy for him nor his family if they share the same views as him. That was no mistake to kneel for 9 minutes.

    3. If she was certain about the case, she wouldn’t have been selected for the jury stand in the first place.

    4. @MrRocktex1978 That’s not a mistake tho. For 9 minutes, he utterly disregarded George Floyd’s life. His hand in his pocket showed how comfortable he was to murder a black man in cold blood in the midst of crying bystanders.

  4. Bail is revoked, bond will be discharged, and the defendant will be remanded into the custody of the Hennepin county sheriff department clink clink

  5. Such is life, you never know what is going to happen next. A $20 bill changed the lives of a lot of people.

    1. @Truth Teller Floyd didn’t do it to himself.
      You’re a dumb guy, who created his account *2 Weeks Ago,* to troll this Case!
      “nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”
      EQUAL PROTECTION even for bad people, even for Drug Users, even for Counterfeit Bill p

    2. God For Give Us All The Police Officer was wrong and George Floyd was wrong,,,,, Two People Lost their Lives and a few more died as well I heard ,many lives effected by the Riots who will bring those to justice that caused the aftermath where is that justice,Some who cried for justice did you Burn and destroy and innocents persons business down or hurt some one in the aftermath what did you do to help justice with out committing another injustice,,,God Forgive Us All

    1. @Brian Bendett The % of time Chauvin’s knee was on various parts of Floyd’s upper torso (90% neck vs. 70% shoulder blades,) etc hardly matters.
      Likewise, The weight of bits pieces of equipment, vs. the weight and leverage of *3 Grown Men,* is trifling compared to their total weight.
      So you post is making “Distinctions without a difference”
      Observe any severe asthmatic, or healthy person! Iit takes dozens of muscles to accomplish successful breathing. Muscles in our chest, neck, shoulder blsde area, diaphragm, abdomen, etc. It’s not just your neck that matters.

  6. It was obvious to the Police Sgt, Chief the dispatch officer, the Firefighter first responder and anyone who saw the video what they were witnessing. Guilty as charged.

  7. Chauvin didn’t kill Floyd by mistake. He knew he was using excessive force for a prolonged period of time; but he clearly didn’t care. Besides, he wasn’t about to show weakness to his brothers in blue, no matter what he had to do.

    1. @Ozybain In the video the knee was on the shoulder and back, no damage to neck or arteries according to the medical examiner.

    2. Check out ****George Floyds afterlife interview on Channeling Erik on YouTube****, George Floyd tells the real story him self.

    3. how do you know genius- are u a mind reader. To me he was careless, a bit naive, and let the power he has a police guy get to his head

    4. @Dustin Heath facts, the party is like 95% white now… & most of that is due of that “Everything is the democrats fault” attitude
      “racism? doesn’t exist , it’s the Democrats fault.”

    1. @JasonDrvmz well, I hadn’t actually given it that much thought to b totally frank, but apparently it did.

    2. yea cause she had doubt and otherwise you would not have gotten your liberal guilty all the way verdict

  8. On one of the body cams, an officer said “shouldn’t we turn him on his side”? And Chauvin said “not yet”.

    1. @Green party of Wakanda I bet you haven’t. Tell everyone to read it but you wouldn’t have. Don’t be sleep, think for yourself you would tell others. Yet you haven’t read the report. Stop being a racist.

    2. @Green party of Wakanda the Chief said he did not follow procedure nor training. I’m right you didn’t read or follow the ase in court at all. You are irrelevant.

    3. @Green party of WakandaYou’re obviously near overdosed judging from your comatose comment. And yes Trump is an Russian asset his inaction toward Putin and Russia proves it.

    4. @Green party of Wakanda so where do you think it’s located? Body organs work together. You know that right? The neck and the mouth or esophagus is connected. You pressing down on the neck blocks and put pressure on the esophagus or air way. You’re so stupid. You won’t even get it if people try to teach you.

  9. And then there was that falsified police record. The Minneapolis police would have swept this under the rug had it not been for the 17 year old that videotaped the whole thing on her cell phone

    1. It’s wonderful to have cell phones today to record these dirty bastard cops. Sadly, even with video evidence there are still racists who make excuses for pigs like Chauvin. Unbelievable.

    2. @Italia Rosa I think they would have found a way to keep that hidden as well. They would have investigated themselves and found themselves to have done nothing wrong, and that woulda been that.
      Although I find vloggers and Facebooklivers to be incredibly ridiculous, I sure am glad we’ve all got a video camera in our pocket to document events like the murder of Mr. Floyd. It could save our lives someday, or at least bring our attacker or murderer to justice.

    3. @Grandma Rose reminds me of the Michael slager case where slager said the guy was coming for his gun but a kids cellphone video demonstrably dispelled that lie

    4. Darnella Frazier and others should be acknowledged by the city of Minneapolis and shown some appreciation by the officials.

  10. I was on the jury of a murder trial and it is unbelievably difficult. Every juror cried at some point — the stress was overwhelming. Even when you think the person is guilty, deciding to put someone in prison for life or the death penalty is a heavy burden. She is right, it affects you more than you can ever imagine.

    1. I agree it’s hard, but on the bright side, you got a murderer off the street. Someone who else was so deranged, had such a bad demeanor, that they had the audacity to take the life of another human.

    2. @Rayne Nicole say you’re racist without saying you’re racist haha. I saw your comments on other videos

  11. Chauvin is the first of many to be arrested. Get ready America! Take to the streets. Hold them accountable.

  12. Really appreciated this jurors honesty my heart akes for her and the other Jurors. She looks very Tramatized all the Jurors should probably seek Counseling at some point or another.
    God Bless her

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