Always Look Closer | The Rachel Maddow Show | MSNBC 1

Always Look Closer | The Rachel Maddow Show | MSNBC


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Always Look Closer | The Rachel Maddow Show | MSNBC


    1. @wp c I would agree but after 4 years and more than 20,000 fact checked and documented lies ( and more ) I think we have all grow to just ignore the things tRump claims. Now if he had any credibility at all I would be the first to agree but when someone cry’s wolf over and over you don’t waste any more time when they cry it again.

    2. @wp c dont forget that trump also claimed already earlier this year that if he lost he wouldn’t accept the results and it was rigged. If there is anything I question, I always look to fact check, mostly politofact, which is in the top ten most reliable fact checkers.

  1. My favorite maddow moment was when she investigated the USS liberty and when she discussed the four buildings that fell on 9/11

    1. @GOM MOG So, you want to live in a one dimensional world? Communist propaganda isn’t news. Branch out and broaden your horizons. CNN, MSNBC are commie networks.

  2. It’s an information-free ad! I like Rachel Maddow, but posting jejune advertisements is slimy. Thumbs down.

    1. it is always interesting when brand new-no content trolls, usually from russia, pretend to be Americans. can’t blame them really, as messed up as t****’s admin is, putin’s is even worse. yep, interesting, but also pathetic.

  3. Liberal socialists like Maddow only look closer when the narrative fits their cause and agenda. Otherwise it doesn’t exist. That’s why Maddow never made it as a lawyer.

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