1. @Brian Nave Curious he says it now but did nothing to prevent it then, nor called the cops immediately. Did he took some pictures with his cellphone? Let me guess, neither.

    2. @Beloved One Would you rather be ‘entertained’ by OANN and Breitbart then, because that’s the news you think everyone should be watching? Because we’re NOT, and we’re not interested in having right-wing propaganda shoved down our throats so shut up LOL

  1. “Thank you all for putting in the work as journalists” or we would have been blind-sided by this evil administrations plan(s)!

  2. Super sleuth Maddow, you have quite a rare asset; an ordered mind combined with an acute sense of the absurd; wonderful, wonderful job, thanks so much!

    1. If you repeat a lie enough times, many people will start believe it as truth. Sad, but true. It seems to be the Republican motto……..

  3. Thank you Rachel maddow for exposing the thermite in the twins towers and covering the USS liberty attack live.

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