1. Just as long as you’re not focused on MSNBC, if you do you will lose your mind and even get your gender confused..

  2. Under t’rump’s “leadership,” America saw the worst mass shooting in history, the worst health crisis in history, and the worst economic crash in history. It’s almost impressive how horrible a president t’rump turned out to be.

  3. FOCUSED?, “we’re in a situation where we have put together I think, the most EXTENSIVE and INCLUSIVE VOTER FRAUD ORGANIZATION in the history of American politics”. braggart Joe Biden, telling the World, Oct 2020. Criminals in Waiting. Not on President Trumps Watch. STAND STRONG PARIOTS, STAND FOCUSED, BE WELL.

  4. Benjamin Gal-Or
    2 days ago
    \\ Shedding Emergency Light on Redistricting Election Darkness? //// “some states have shifted redistricting authority from politicians and given it to non-partisan redistricting commissions. The states of Washington,[127] Arizona,[128] and California[129] have created standing committees for redistricting following the 2010 census. It has been argued however that in California’s case, gerrymandering still continued despite this change.[130] Rhode Island[131] and New Jersey[132] have developed ad hoc committees, but developed the past two decennial reapportionments tied to new census data. Florida’s amendments 5 and 6, meanwhile, established rules for the creation of districts but did not mandate an independent commission.[133]” [Wikipedia] and [Oct 17, 2019, Utube, “The man who rigged Amerca’s election maps.” <> Even under proffered, constitutional, emergency runoff via advanced, Google Emails verification-identification type technology system, a most effective emergency secure internet runoff, escape not from the recently imposed, aforementioned election rigged maps is possible. By a few irreversible words of the Highly Selected Nine, the light may shed on both the first, and, if approved, constitutional, emergency, internet runoff.////

    Benjamin Gal-Or
    Benjamin Gal-Or
    2 days ago
    [Dec 4] \\ Good Ten News //// -1) Moderna filed on Dec 2 its Covid-19 vaccine, a 94% effective, 2) Following Pfizer’s Nov 20, 3) Global NUMBERS collected from Johns Hopkins University, WHO, etc., PUBLISHED by RealClearPolitics, re-ordered here for 15 of ~100 Countries, unequivocally prove: 4) COV-19 DEATHS GLOBALLY TREND DOWN, 5) U.S. % FATALITIES OF THOSE DIAGNOSED <> 2.75% Oct 22 vs 1.95 Dec 4 <> 6) U.S. is located at 26th position in % FATALITIES in ~100 nations: 7) [Nov 2] vs [Dec 4] <> Germany 1.97;1.61 <> NL 2.11;1.78 <> Finland 2.20;1.54 <> U.S. 2.51;1.95 <> Brazil 2.89;2.71 <> France 2.69;2.40 <> Spain 2.89;2.72 <> AU 3.28;3.25 <> Canada 4.30;3.15 <> UK 4.51;3.59 <> Sweden 4.78;2.57 <> China 5.39;5.35 <> Iran 5.69;4.92 <> Italy 5.47;3.49 <> Mexico 9.92;9.49 <> 7) 737 Max FAA-certified to fly, 8) Tourism in early recovery, 9) Holiday buying in recoveries while stock market at max, 10) POST Dec 14 a few irreversible words of the Highly Selected Nine, KNOWING that when the Union was forever split and lost in the past & the 10 tribes by flames of history consumed by a few heated words, the highest level of human intellectual courage is needed by The Nine today, to decide right via extant, highest verification level of internet registration-identification and constitutional runoff///

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