1. @Mark The U.S. is the largest oil and natural gas producing nation in the world, and #2 Saudi Arabia is miles behind us, and #3 Russia even more so. There aren’t any restrictions preventing oil companies from pumping more, but like OPEC, the more you pump the less money you make. It’s really that simple. Our energy and utilities are privatized and not nationalized like in other countries, so we are at the mercy of the shareholders insatiable demands for the corporation to make more and more money. These oil companies are currently sitting on nearly 10,000 oil and gas leases covering millions of acres of public land, but they simply are just saving them for a rainy day. Nothing Biden does is going to force those oil companies to pump more. Maybe he could start revoking leases not being used and start issuing them to companies that commit to immediate development. Maybe he could do something with the tax code to incentivize them to bring more supply online, but I think that would require Congress, and there’s no chance you’d get 60 votes in the senate for that. Russia comprises 7% of U.S. imported oil. 40% comes from Canada, 10% from the middle east, and 8% from Mexico, with the rest coming from assorted other places. We import a tiny amount from Russia relative to what we use. Europe is the one that’s in a tough spot and I think that’s why Biden isn’t going to touch Russian gas because he’s trying to do sanctions in lock step with Europe, and if Biden bans Russian gas, that puts Europe in a bad spot. I think these situations are a lot more complex than we understand or than can be conveyed by 30 second sound bites on the news.

    2. @Alex Rodriguez Lol! Did you just say Biden hasn’t imposed restrictions on drilling for oil & gas in the US!!!? 😆

    3. @Alex Rodriguez Hate to tell ya, but we were producing over 13M barrels of oil a day under Trump…that number has been 1.5M-1M barrels less because of Biden’s restrictions! I recommend remaining quiet when you aren’t well informed on a topic

    4. The US have spent th elast few years demonising China and now expect it to turn on Russia.
      What a joke. 🤣

  1. This is the chance for Belarus to become independent, too. Belarus has a strong independence movement. Let’s further sanction Belarus and same time support the Belarusians democracy movement to do this step and turn against Russia! It’s a real possibility! Big anti war movement is in coming and forming in Belarus, wanting that their military turn against Russia!

    1. @Monty Casper I looked at CNN, BBC and then I went to the Russian version, then watched an unbiased video, that’s how I made that conclusion

    2. @Deborah Freedman Sorry Deborah. Russian Jews are not indiginous and never were. They are not Hebrews.

    3. @Bart Järgengärblbärgeler Putin himself was once a Russian troll pretending to be German. Very well done!

  2. After the Conflict, putting should pay for some of the Damage, and step down as well as being responsible for war crimes. No other contrary will support him on this invasion. My heart go out to the people of Ukraine.

    1. @sam I am how is this president trump’s fault . And the world’s laughing at biden’s administration. You must be a demaRAT I can tell I was one of 27 years. You lie like one . Hopefully you wake up like did before it’s to late because you make yourself sound brain dead . Everyone in the world knows the truth . They know Biden is a a failure he is the worst president in Americas history. Why you think slow Joe and the hoe don’t put sanction on Russian oil and gas. Because that would mess his criminal activities up in Russia slow Joe and his hole family it’s a crime family . Tell me why a Russian mayor’s wife gave Hunter four and a half million dollars. That’s facts you look all that up or read Durham report. How Hillery and the DNC and Obama slow Joe hunter they all where involved slow Joe was on national TV telling the Ukraine president fire the prosecutor or no money . Funny thing was it’s the prosecutor investigating Hunter and the company he worked for Ukraine. But y’all want to say Trump was gluten with the Russians . You all are dumb as a box’s of rocks you have the IQ of a house plant. Nobody listens to your lies besides people just as idiotic as you . That would be other demaRATs . I’m not a Republican or demaRAT. I’m a Patriot. Now you should do the world a favor and go fall down a well where nobody can hear you screaming for help .

    2. @Al Avdic why is it a federal law that all election data and documents are held for 22 MONTHS? It’s so it can be audited and examined. GA, PA, WI, AZ MI are all still being examined. Many states broke their own election laws in 2020, it takes time to catch the fraud but it’s coming to a head. Fraud vitiates everything!

    3. List of countries invaded by the United States without grounds and UN Security Council resolutions In 1959, she unleashed a Civil War in Laos. 18 thousand people were killed. In 1964, the United States invaded Vietnam. 2 million Vietnamese civilians were killed. 1967. The United States is involved in provoking the Civil War in Cambodia. The result is 300 thousand dead. 1977. The United States is provoking a Civil war in El Salvador. 75 thousand dead. 1999. The US and NATO are bombing Yugoslavia. A country that is located in Europe. They are being bombed without any UN sanction. More than 70 thousand civilians were killed. 2001. The US is invading Afghanistan. About 40 thousand people were killed. 2003 The United States participated in the Second Civil War in Liberia. About 300 thousand people died. In 2003, America invaded Iraq. 655,000 civilians were killed. 2004 The United States participates in the war in Northern Pakistan. 20 thousand civilians were killed. 2011 The United States launched air strikes and rocket fire on Libya. Almost 15 thousand people were killed.

    4. Repent to Jesus Christ
      “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.”
      ‭‭1 John‬ ‭1:9‬ ‭NIV‬‬

  3. Putin needs to be so coerced with sanctions and made to fail militarily that he realizes that delaying complete withdrawal will make things substantially worse for him with every day that he delays.
    Otherwise, even if he plans on withdrawing, he will delay for purposes of inflicting the most harm before he leaves and also to claim “victory” in his goals before leaving.
    The kinds of ways he needs to things getting worse for him with every day delays leaving:
    1) financial devastation of the Russian economy, himself personally, and his fellow kleptocrats.
    2) great and growing military losses and desertion of military personnel,
    3) unrest and hatred for Putin *within* Russia that puts his government at risk of falling just as the Soviet Union did,
    4) strengthening of Ukrainian morale and sense of national identity with every day they fight Russia’s attempt to destroy Ukrainian morale and sense of national identity.
    5) philosophical, strategic, and material strengthening of the NATO alliance that is growing not weakening with each day Russia remains in Ukraine.

    1. Send Delta Force after Putler and the war is over. This is a profiteering hoax to piggyback Kung-Flu. One event after another to distract us from government corruption. I’m onto you!

    2. @Travel Crawl “I’m on to you?” Really, you expect to be taken seriously with such mentally unstable use of language?
      Do you imagine your use of baby-talk like “Putler” and “Kung-Flu” comes across as remotely intelligent to anyone but yourself?
      Do you expect anyone to think you are more than the fool you are when you cavalierly claim the U.S. can and would send a hit squad thousands of miles deep into Russia to take out Putin in his own palace if our government “really” wanted to end the war?

    3. @tretret ertertert haha Russian propagandists! You post that same sentence frequently. Are you being paid in rubles or dollars? 😂

  4. Membershio of NATO is voluntary, and always has been, members can leave if they want to. Compare that with membership of the Soviet Union, or with the Russian Federation: membership by invasion, bullying and coercion.

    1. @Dolphin Records Russia never applied to join NATO. Putin considered it at the time but apparently he did not want his country to go through the embarrassing admission process “with other countries that don’t matter.” So, no, they never applied. To anyone who claims Russia did apply: I’d like to see the official documents. If I am wrong, I will apologize.

    2. @Gnirol Namlerf why u needed a NATO and why u need now? It’s a freaking tool to intimidate other nations by being at their doorstep with, that’s not a secret and cannot be veiled behind such logic. West has to start accepting their propaganda won’t go unnoticed.

    3. BUDAPEST ASSURANCES TREATY 1994 was violated by RUSSIA, when it invaded Ukraine in 2014 and again in 2022. So, after facing invasion by Russia in 2014, Ukraine was forced to seek NATO membership.

  5. Another challenge to the USA ability to guarantee world’s free safe maritime trade: russia keep eyeing Odesa, a major port city, and sieges Mariupol, another important port city. The orks also want Kramatorsk. And Berdyansk. Think occupied Crimea. Think 4 (!) merchant ships already attacked, hit by russian navy. Think areas of Azov and Black Seas blocked by russian actions from peaceful trade. On the ability of the USA to guarantee peaceful maritime trade, that is on our NAVY and our satellites, the role of the dollar as the default world currency is based. When pirates challenged Obama on the ocean domination, he did not hesitate to wack them. Will we hesitate now to protect the peaceful ocean trade routes?

  6. This whole time I was wondering what China would say about the invasion. This is definitely a step in the right direction.

    1. Nothing is going to convince that wacko murdering war criminal. He needs to go the way of Caesar.

    2. “奴隶制、殖民主义和殖民主义”都是作恶者所做的恶事。

      – 奴隶制,
      – 殖民主义,
      – 从北美/南美到澳大利亚/新西兰再到西伯利亚/远东亚洲,直到今天 🤔

    3. 对于上帝的诚实真理,请阅读“中美紧张局势:仔细观察‘五眼’情报伙伴关系/CGTN”中提供的多页“Ole Fella”评论(在 UTube 上):https://youtu。是/H6nkAVegk0g

    4. @Avean china isnt against russiaz infact they did not vote for UN motion today. China just wants to maintain its ties with all. Great move

  7. Great point about the UN Security Council seat. The Soviet Union established that seat after WWII. Russia is not the Soviet Union, and Putin is not inline with the Geo-Political world.

    1. UN needs a comprehensive overhaul to become functional, more effective organization up to date!

    2. Putin is a dictator but after this he will work uber driver again as 1990 when he work taxi driver 😎

    3. Putin use Chechnya, now I know who’s behind 9/11 👁👁
      He use Iran, Hothi, Chechnya ..etc

    4. @George Cher unlikely. Given the recent escalation of atrocities, he’d stay behind the bar only if still alive.

    1. the more nato send weapons to ukraine the more russia feel threatened
      the difference between “looking dangerous” and “being dangerous”.Russia
      describes military doctrine as defensive military doctrine. With regard
      to nuclear weapons specifically, Russia reserves the right to use
      nuclear weapons: in response to the use of nuclear and other types of
      weapons of mass destruction against it or its allies,in case of
      aggression against Russia with the use of conventional weapons when the
      very existence of the state is threatened. oops

    2. Brain power is the most powerful tool of the universe , but it depends how we use it ( To construct or to eradicate ).
      Imagine that there were no war , and all the money involved in arms were used for other purposes , where do you think would have been humanity at that very moment that we are writing now?
      But we can dream , never ever something like this will happen . LONG LIVE THE HUMAN KIND AND HIS DESTRUCTION .

  8. Watching these authoritarian regimes turning on each really warms my heart. They have no mutual interest, and will back stab when it suits them. For the West, democracy is our mutual interest. It’s wonderful to see it so clearly.

    1. @Calvin Blue I’m not American. I don’t get American new media on my tv. Besides, my point was about mutual interest’s role as something that brings unity. I don’t see how your point about the current “hype-level” of the news media relates; I’ve probably missed something?

    2. @Elias Seldon USA holds the Global media influence..and the masses aren’t smart
      So.. everything they do makes it looks like something..the TRUTH is submerged..
      They make it into a movie, sensationize it all..try to make the world be against all those they don’t like.

  9. As an Indian, i really hope our government also takes a stronger decision rather than just staying neutral, it’s high time now and a lot of lives are at stakes. This war will potentially create another humanitarian crisis similar to that in Yemen. Slava Ukraini 🇺🇦💙💛

    1. @Siran424 Irrelevant Ukraine? Hmm, The entire focus of the west is on Ukraine. Irrelevant you say? I’d say India with its racist agenda and divide and rule policies under Modi make India irrelevant to many!

    2. @Muhammad Nimji
      Why are you being so ignorant ??
      I was implying that Ukraine and it’s affairs were irrelevant to India and it indeed is true.

      It goes the other way around too. India and it’s affairs are irrelevant to Ukraine as well, atleast until this invasion that is. And this is true as well.

      India should just mind it’s own business and not get involved in this European mess.

      Wonder what the big deal in my comment was? Gosh !!
      There are plenty of soft, weak and fragile humans these days. Perpetually offended by everything.

    3. @Joseph yes in 2001 ukraine sold tanks to Pakistan which were basically used by their terrorists
      I wonder who the hell spprts after such incidents

    4. @Siran424 I suggest that you truly understand what is happening around us all. What happens in one country has the power to quickly spread to others . So referencing a country as being irrelevant to another is no longer in play. Days of irrelevancy died many generations ago. Being ignorant about issues is no excuse!

    5. @Muhammad Nimji
      What happens in one country doesn’t actually have the power to spread to others, if the outsiders/third parties don’t butt in into the issue in the first place.

      So I suggest you understand it is precisely because of busybodys such as yourself, a crisis such as this becomes huge and engulfs others.

  10. Politics is a hell of a thing…..what is going on is considered wrong, they even say so…but yet they let it happen.

  11. Finally, a video that gladdens my heart. Let negotiation and Diplomacy start ASAP. All these sanctions and company withdrawals are going to affect both sides. The whole world is feeling the impact of this conflict.

    1. @Xnoks Zero Not true, but continue to speak in absolutes about things you interpret out of context. The claims sound way more credible that way 🙄😂
      USA bad, blah blah blah

    2. @Darling Dear i don’t think so darling, his aim is to put an end to NATO expansionist vision. Don’t make a group of country and threaten the whole world. Warsaw pact ceased, there is no reason for NATO to exist, not only it exists – but its attempting also to expand and threaten anyone who do have go by their point of view.

    3. @Xnoks Zero
      that is right,
      can’t we see all the former
      ssr’s rushing back to putin?
      oh!, look, all the former iron curtain nations wanna go back too!
      a desperate despot acting like it’s 1975

  12. Why is the word ‘Indian’ suppressed in the interview? As if the audio was tweaked to make it not audible …

  13. The people Ukraine will protect their country but now recently have figured out that the people they are fighting are young Russian soldier kids that have no clue what’s going on and why they are there it’s heartbreaking it must be heartbreaking for the Ukraine people to have to defend yourself in this way

  14. Praying 🙏 for an end to this evil war. God bless Ukraine and all people who are under attack today around the world.

    1. why pray to a God u dont believe in? Should of thought of russian agression BEFORE you voted LOLZ its no good now. Glory to russia

  15. “our children will go to schools and kindergartens — they will have them sitting in basements” about the children of Donbass, P. Poroshenko (ex-President of Ukraine), 2014

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