‘Amateur Hour Is Over’ Says Admiral James Stavridis | Deadline | MSNBC 1

‘Amateur Hour Is Over’ Says Admiral James Stavridis | Deadline | MSNBC


Retired Four Star Navy Admiral James Stavridis and New York Times national security reporter Julian Barnes react to President Biden asserting America’s position on the world stage after issuing a report on the murder of Jamal Khashoggi and launching airstrikes against Iranian-linked fighters in Syria. Aired on 02/26/2021.
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‘Amateur Hour Is Over’ Says Admiral James Stavridis | Deadline | MSNBC


    1. It’s funny how today America stood by his policies and held someone accountable for their crimes. But yet when the Orange man did it that he was out of control and trying to start A-war, you people are such hypocrites.

    1. @William Marick All you lot do is wreck the Country and try and stop people from voting, so you can have a chance of winning what a joke…

    1. @Que Isolationism is pure idiocy. We are now out of the top ten in terms of most innovative countries. This kind of backwards thinking mentality will only exacerbate our slide.

    2. @teresa lee Yup. That we know of. Given his debt and dwindling income it will be fascinating to see him try to worm out of not having his properties seized.

    1. It is a shame that America is divided because people would rather believe in conspiracy theories rather than fact. I am hoping that the manga that I am making will help them snap out of it or at least those in the otaku community. We can be pretty open minded people.

    2. @Roxy Lasch yes…I am Jewish and Lakota…much love sister. Born March 11…in Bethlehem 5 decades ago.

    3. @Will Collier oh by the way go read Hebrews 6:19..I am Anchor. Something you are not. I am. Go read Hebrews 9:16..something you are very far from..God…Elohim Adonai Avra

    4. @Jacqueline Wernett That is interesting. I am trying to be more inclusive for my manga so I think that would be helpful. We anime geeks like to ourselves otakus for our love of anime. Anime is fun and I like to think that we are a welcoming group.

    1. @Studley Dewrite agree definitely, Octopus will always around and Republican Trumpers still bellevue he the Savior, concerned about his coing back.

    1. @Old Grappler: Thanks for asking. Saying “amateur hour is over” is referring to a previous White House administration, duly elected. That’s a simple insult. Saying “adults are in charge again” is another insult about the previous administration, and it’s being used to justify new, aggressive military action that would be found illegal if there was a global justice system. And please, don’t talk about The United States and The United Nations in New York as if there’s a difference. Would you like to know what America is doing to Ontario, Canada? I’ve never seen that reported in American news.

    2. @John Watt Im really neither interested nor concerned with your take John. I dont take seriously anyone who believes donald trump was adept at foreign policy…. it’s just comical.

    1. Yes and after that, there was the famous midnight call from Erdogan, which led to the US letting down the kurds.
      Erdogan was also the original source of tapes from the Saudi consulate in Turkey.
      He pretty sure knew that US intel couldn’t have exonerated MBS, as Pompeo & Trump claimed.

  1. The reason the Stable Genius stopped reading his intelligence reports was because it quickly became clear he lacked the intelligence to understand them.

  2. THANK YOU, my fellow Americans, for electing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as our leadership!! FINALLY, WE RETURN TO HONOR AND INTEGRITY. — Signed, a Naval Academy grad and veteran

  3. Jared Kushner: “We don’t need old friends. We can get new friends.” And that is what the clowns got; Putin, MSB, Erdogan, Duterte… Only the best in Trump’s White House. Indeed, the clown show has now left the building.

    1. @Will Collier FACTS are FACTS again and you got nothing but the parroting of the delusional ramblings of a proven LIARS. It is no wonder CONald loves ignorant fools that are so easily conned into believing lies as fact

    1. @jsean g what you fail to understand is Donald Trump had peace. But you want a war. Well you just might get it

    2. @Charles Styron 65% of American males between the ages of 16-65 are over weight or obese. Maybe Walmart and McDonalds will supply ya’s,..lmao

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