Amb. McFaul: Biden Has To 'Rebut A Lot Of What About-ism' From Putin 1

Amb. McFaul: Biden Has To ‘Rebut A Lot Of What About-ism’ From Putin


Former U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul, who was among those who prepped President Biden ahead of his summit with Vladimir Putin, joins Andrea Mitchell, Chuck Todd, and Kasie Hunt to provide his analysis of the Russian president's post-summit press conference and preview how Biden should handle his own press conference after "a lot of what about-ism" from Putin.
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  1. Soviets made whataboutism into an art form. You can see how good at it they are every time you trot down one of these comment sections. Need to ask a Russian expert? Just wait until the whataboutism and red herrings show up in this comment section and ask those Russians.

  2. Imagine if Biden went in there throwing grenades everywhere and threatening to burn them down if they don’t knock it off.

    1. At least George W. Bush looked into his dreamy eyes and saw his soul. And Donald Trump just wanted to hold his hand. Right

    1. Actually they got it from the communist, drumpf’s mentor/lawyer Roy Cohn gave drumpf a crash course!

    1. @Senninha mcl I was being genuine. Trump is a sociopath, an autocrat and corrupt. Had a shameful performance siding with Putin

  3. I can’t believe anyone would believe anything that comes out of Putin’s mouth. On second thought, I’m wondering who will believe him? Let me guess….

  4. In regards to Putin’s press conference, dear current standing Republicans, do you see where your playbook comes from?
    Go ahead now…what about what about your lives away.

  5. According to Putin, Russia is a victim of cybercrime (which we’ve never heard about), the largest volume of global cyberattacks come from the US and Canada and there are hardly any computers in Russia at all. I see…
    There’s mention of “the New Cold War”, but nobody seems to point out that this time round the doctrine is IMplausible deniability.

    1. @J C. Where in my post am I whatabouting rather than summarising as I see it, and where in the video is my point about implausible deniability? And in case it wasn’t clear, Putin is plainly lying his face off and doesn’t even need to care.

  6. Why bring on Chuck Todd to ruin Michael McFaul’s interview with his usual loaded questions? Why not let the people who know what they are doing, like McFaul, address the issues? Andrea and Kasie did a much better job than airhead Chuck.

  7. It’s shameful this is on YouTube.
    Would anyone see this on Russia media.
    Anyone not stroking Putin’s ego I doubt is around.

  8. It sounds like this meeting was moderately productive, and constructive? That’s better than what was expected, I’m assuming? What’s most important, is that any country, that has a stockpile of nuclear weapons, never reach a military conflict.

  9. Putin: ‘Yeah, we can agree on everything, provided you know I’m going to do what is good for me. I’ll promise you anything, provided you don’t expect me to keep my promises when they become inconvenient.’

  10. It’s almost like TRUMP and PUTIN are reading from the same page!
    Let’s be honest PUTIN installed TRUMP just so he could get all his wishes with regard to EUROPE and to weaken America’s reputation in the world!

  11. I am quite positive Putin didn’t apply whataboutism during the meeting itself. Whataboutism only has a chance to work during a debate in front of an audience. It is designed to convince an audience, not an opponent.

  12. I see MAGA posters saying what about Obama this all the time instead of answering the question. For the record when a Dem does something wrong, it doesn’t make it ok for a Republican to do the similar.

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