Ambassador Johnson's Funeral Outrage | TVJ News - May 28 2021 1

Ambassador Johnson’s Funeral Outrage | TVJ News – May 28 2021


Now to outrage of another kind this time about the number of people allowed at the memorial service held yesterday for Ambassador Anthony Johnson people took to social media between yesterday and today highlighting that more than 15 individuals were in attendance including the Prime Minister and senior members of the Government.

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  1. So we Jamaicans are stupid? so because the body was excluded from the service you can have more than 30 persons at a gathering

    1. sounds about right because we all know that covid wont attend if there is no body.
      Got it? Nobody?

    2. @liston Grey its most likely some silly person who thinks they are smart trying to BS people with “technicality”. If that stupid excuse is allowed to stand it becomes the PMs business to justify it but i would nit jump to the PM just yet.

  2. So because they are politician they are allow to do this and normal people not allowed to mourn for there mother,father, grandma etc. And we suppose to just take what going on just like that. Jamaican people’s what really going on?

    1. Look on the rules fam. Don’t start bashing the government without proof. It’s simple, if it’s a funeral then you can only have x amount of persons. If it’s a memorial service, you can only have y amount of persons. What is wrong about what happened here in this particular situation?

    1. They said 30 in church 15 at funeral and moreever funeral is fr the funeral home to the burial spot

  3. I do hope our people let this be last JLP ever to grace leadership over Jamaica. I am not a voter but a law abiding citizen these politicans in power now have proven that indeed from Bustamante, Seaga to Holness is the worst.

  4. Government stop put the poor down and build up the rich watch other countries any double standards goes on their citizens would wanted answers

  5. I see nothing wrong here. The rules were followed. No double standard here. If I saw it, I would surely called it.

    1. You should have done more comprehension and reading in school, because you lack the knowledge to analyze the moral of the situation.

  6. Its still a gathering please. Oonu think we are stupid. Ok after this anybody who have a love one to bury do the same thing ok. Remember this funeral

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