America Has Nothing To Gain From Meeting With Putin: Garry Kasparov 1

America Has Nothing To Gain From Meeting With Putin: Garry Kasparov


President Joe Biden will meet in-person for the first time since taking office with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva on June 16, the White House announced Tuesday. Garry Kasparov of the Renew Democracy Initiative joins Morning Joe to discuss.

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    1. @Johnny English You make zero sense. I didn’t get to travel on Air Force One with Quid Pro Joe and get paid billions by America’s enemies. You’re so uniformed it’s pathetic. Maybe you should stay out of politics and watch lawnmower repair vids or some excrement.

    1. @Sarah F. 4.1 Look. Every dime Quid Pro Joe has ever gotten his hands on came from us taxpayers and he delivered jack squat. We even paid for the extortion money that Quid Pro Joe family leveraged in the Ukraine. Quid Pro Joe hates working Americans and considers taxes his personal piggy bank like a fascist dems. Quid Pro Joe is anything but a “man of the people.” He’s smarmy illegitimate fraud and he’s about to get us all killed or herded off to a Chicom run FEMA camp.

    2. @John Smith It is good to have a dialogue and explore possibilities. GM Gary Kasparov expressed his opinion as a man of political opposition to president Putin. What would Mr. Kasparov esteem be of the current president Biden on his ability to deal with the highly knowledgeable and very intelligent Russian president? Bears are peaceful until you attack them. Maybe Gary wanted to say: nothing to gain by Biden? We don’t know because MSNBC started talking about chess.

    3. @Iwahn Apon I put faith into Biden, and I am finding some issues that he has disappointed me on. I realize he is absorbing information I do not have access too. I just hope Biden stops showing so much weakness in front of the world. America has went from a man who’s spine was fused together to one who seem to have half of a spine. Both personalities can and mostly likely cause unnecessary issues for future presidents. It is not Putin (very intelligent) I worry so much about, it is Israel that truly concerns me. America (my country) should not want no part of any holy war and needs to move our embassy out of Israel’s capital. Nice talking with you and you seem wise.

  1. I disagree. Meeting with Putin shows the world that the US did what they could before shutting down Russia in various ways. US actions against Russia will look far less egregious after a meeting rather than with no meeting.

    1. I wasn’t looking at it that way, but you have a point. Otherwise, I wouldn’t give him the legitimacy of a visit.

    2. Fingers crossed, Biden knows Putin’s playing a game he cant win. Or he would have tried.

    3. Shut them down until they hurt! They are messing with the west and getting away with it.

    1. President Biden lifted sanctions on Nordstream2 because our German allies would have been impacted. We can sanction projects that only impact Russia. And seize Putin’s dark money.

    2. He bends over for EVERYONE to kiss his arws and when they don’t the spew spills instead of facts it is ALWAYS opinions. The Obama/Biden regime NEVER support the NEWS because the FACTS & STATS NEVER support their rhetoric. They will commit crimes to commit fraudulent investigations which STILL did NOT uncover anything to support their lies

    1. why are you all so bought into the idea that we need to keep fighting the Russians. I don’t get it.

    2. @HKJ they have hacked our elections and systems. Solar wind hack for example. Read the Mueller report.

    3. @Sarah F. 4.1 let not forget why it was hacked, it was due to biden fault. Biden made russia an enemy when our enemy should be china. The russian collusion in 2016 was a Democrat wishful thinking and was never proven correct. It all lie to take you eyes away from the fact that china is the last remaining stronghold for communist ideology. Democrat need the communist to survive because how would they make money if our enemy suddenly disappear again like the soviet union. The fact that yal consider russia to more threatening than china is laughable. China is making move and bullying our east asian allies in the pacific and yal just crying about russia who barely a communist country who now only care about themselves and not spread communist idea to the world, russia even apologize for their ancestor in creating the communist ideology splitting the world in 2 and that is why trump believe it possible to become friend with russia. China also already spread communism into Myanmar, wonder why the military took control? It because biden in charge and he would allowed that to happen so the county can become a dictatorship rule like china. The democracy in myanmar is gone and the dominos effect will probably happen in asia and biden will watch it spread as our pro democracy asian allies become communist. Biden is a pro commie idealist, his way of showing loyalty to china is belittling japan prime minister by calling him a “japanese boy” and letting kamala meet the PM first instead of the u.s president, such a rude behaviour. Not to mention the disrespect biden and harris had for both south korea and japanese leader. Biden want to prove that he wont aim to help our asian allies in the east and will focus russia so russia can stop thinming about possible relationship with u.s. China know russia and america was getting friendly and so they were afraid that trump may establish a friendly relationship with Russia since trump was able to calm kim jung un down, so it possible he can get russia on our side and china fear russia would take u.s side in talking china down on being aggressive in east asia. China and russia are friends but that when soviet union was around, now that soviet union was gone, their relationship was not up to it peak like long ago. Russia dont have the communist ideology anymore and that what cause china to want to progress their technology and economy quickly so that they can compete with the Americans who is a strong pro democracy country. Biden has made those two bond stronger now and it working since it was probably what xi jinping wanted. Now that china know russia wont view u.s as a possible friendship, they can now do what they want knowing the fact that russia wont help the u.s stop chinese aggression in asia. You think trump is bad? Watch when ww3 happen and it would all because we let china spread communism. Democrat want communism alive so that when the time has come for war, money will start flying toward them as they fund trillions of dollars into the military and the america elitist.

    4. @HKJ they believe russia is still “soviet union” lol. China is the stronghold of communism and that who we should be fighting. That why trump want to establish friendly term with russia before china do. China and russia are close like they before since the downfall of soviet union, the reason why china is trying to quickly progress it military and technology as well as economy is the fact that russia is no longer a pro communist country china need to lead it or else pro democracy will have the upper hand in the world. Russia are friend with china but russia only think about what in for their interest. They even apologize for spreading communism to the world so that why china feared russia to be a possible friend to the u.s and stopped china from spreading the communist ideology. China was afraid when trump was calming down kim jung un and establishing friendship with russia, so china stopped being aggressive to our asian allies for a while since it possible that if china goes too far, U.S may likely ask russia to help them calm china down for the sake of world stability and china won’t like it. Now that biden in charge, china continue to expand and now they spread communism, first off, it Myanmar, that is the start of new domino effect in spreading communism, then to make break u s and russia possible friendship by making biden angered putin. Everything has worked as planned for china, they were able to become strong technologically and economically, now they can be on friendly term with russia again since u.s just screwed it up. So the world progress again with middle east war to keep u.s distracted while china.try to force itself on taiwan and east asia. The true mastermind is china xi jinping, biden is just a useful puppet for him. China couldnt control trump so they stopped and waited until trump is gone, they probably deliberately unleashed covid into the world and onto U S so that democrat can have leverage on winning the election and trump stepping down by blaming trump. First they asked WHO to hold information about covid outbreak in wuhan and ask WHO to lie to trump by saying it safe and contain, then america got screwed up and then trump threw a fit because WHO lied to him that covid was contained in china, then trump targets china by saying it from china then starts to defund the WHO for being chinese puppet. Taiwan handled covid well and they plead the WHO to let people know the danger of it, but WHO Listen to china and do not recognized taiwan thus also screwing up the world. It no wonder taiwan handled covid better than all of us since they knew about the threat and that it was spreading outside of china. The real puppet master is not democrat, it china and we all are brainwashed into believing russia who barely communism to be our true enemy.

  2. Nothing at all. Its like AOC trying to talk sense into MTG… A WASTE of good breathing air.

    1. Biden and Obama persecute anyone who does not follow their corrupt lead or accept their bribes or has the spine to stand against their coercion of lies and accusations! Biden like his dominant partner in their NPD psychopath relationship is a bully and NEVER stands strong against China. They do withhold timely help from Texas, India and the states that support President Trump. They are immature and irresponsible little insecure jealous boys who have never evolved because they have NOT been held accountable for their very REAL crimes.

  3. Putin is a KGB veteran. I would not shake his hand even for a billion dollars: the cyanide sting is a classic in the world of espionage.

    1. Biden dying immediately after the summit is too blatant. And if polonium or novichok is detected, Kamala gonna go medeival on Vladdy Dearest geopolitically.

    1. Putin’s TR45H learned a lot of moves from Putin. Labeling the press as ‘fake news’, for example. Putin hates a free press.

    2. Taking Putin’s word that he didn’t interfere in elections against his own CIA’s conclusion that he did. It’s INSANE how he almost got a second term.

    3. @Luntershaptop Fukinov No he didn’t, he lifted two sanctions to benefit Germany and repair our relationship with them that Trump trashed.

    1. That is the case with kim young’n but the trailer park with a nuclear arsenal is another story. Biden is wise to engage him.

  4. Putin’s doing the same thing to Biden as the Republican leaders are doing by pretending to cooperate.

  5. When loser was asked why he doesn’t punish Putin for killing our people, he said: we’re all killers.

    1. Trump certainly got people killed through his incompetence. The way he said that he was definitely trying to imply he was a big tough guy. Yet no Trump has ever served in the military. In fact every Trump that was eligible for a draft has run away and lied to everyone since they are a family of draft dodging cowards. A legacy that spans multiple countries and centuries.

  6. He should of said we need nothing from Putin and Russia. Nothing. Sanction. Sanction. Sanction.

  7. Keep Putin in Russia. We’ve had 5 years of Trump washing Putin’s feet to put it in polite terms.

    1. Now you will enjoy 5 year of biden washing xi jinping feet LMAO. Russia aint the enemy It china. Soviet union is long goneeee, the next powerful communist country is china and they are spreading it ideology. First off, myanmar coup is part of chinese spread of communism, taking military dictatorship is a communist ideology to hold power in the government and guess who allowed that? Jao bien dien. LMAO. TRUMP AT LEAST VALUE OUR ALLIES DEMOCRACY AND TAKE ON CHINA BUT BIDEN?? HAHAHA HE JUST LET CHINA BULLY OUR ALLY BECAUSE HE SCARED OF XI JINPING.

  8. America has a lot the game with Putin and President Biden meeting one another, that old saying keep-your-friends-close-and-your-enemies-closer, it is crucial between Russia and the United States

  9. Kasparov: starts criticizing Biden policy

    MSNBC: “So Gary, how do you get better at chess?”

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