1. We might be headed for a recession to tip off some really hard times triggering desperation and even more mental illness.

    1. There’s been hard times for a lot of people for the last 30-40 years, you think because the inflation rate is up for the last 4 months that it’s NOW hard times? There are millions that have had to put up with the paycheque not covering the basics of living.

    2. @norton750commando Oh for crying out loud. You’re arguing about who is struggling more and for how long. A little common sense would tell you the rising prices, especially gas prices are pulling in a whole new group of people that are not familiar with the struggle. They are not prepared to live in a different income bracket. People are so self involved they can’t imagine a reality other than their own. That’s why there is no empathy or respect for one another. It’s gross.

    3. @Billy Barnett Two primal emotions are a sign of weakness no matter the situation ever. Sure guy

  2. America is #1 once again!!. we are the number one country to have the most mass shoots in history, no other country comes close. we are the number one most incarcerated people on the planet, once again no one can beat us there. America’s number nation when it comes to poverty among all other industrialized nations. we rank number one in homeless, number one in medical cost, yet the worst in healthcare, failed education system that is failing more each year. so basically we are the Number one failed industrialized nation in the world. At one time America was a great country that was Number one in Technology, number one in education, number one in healthcare, number one in low crime, basically America was simple number one success story. When did we decide guns have more value then our children? when did we decide corrupt insurance was better then healthcare? when did we decide corporate welfare was better then affordable housing and good paying jobs? When did we give up?

  3. Living in the US unfortunately is now rated (R). Some systemic changes need to take place and NOW.

    1. Funny you say that. I’m praying now. Sometimes it seems as if God is the only one that can save us! God help us all! 🙏🏽

    1. right? you would think there would be a store copy receipt or store camera footage of the purchase?

  4. showing such concern to be the most reliable GRANT OFFICER is the greatest thing that will help a lot of people. I strongly recommend him to anyone.

  5. DHS has been saying for a long time domestic terrorism is the #1threat to America. Even those from Missouri believe now 😭

    1. I wouldn’t be so sure about the second part of your comment. People love their guns in away they don’t seem to love anything else. Well, except God. The hypocrisy would be comical if it weren’t so deadly.

  6. Apparently, it’s the ‘American Way’. Ever since the 2020 pandemic, just LOOK at how we’ve all come TOGETHER! 🙂 It’s inspiring.

    Good stuff. Keep it up, everyone! 🙂 Proud of ya. You’re showing your true colors, and it’s absolutely amazing.

  7. We need to deal with the drug and mental health issues! I can’t believe these politicians are using these tragedies to further their personal agendas! We are in serious trouble!

    1. Yeah we should have an all out war on drugs. That could work. Cant believe we haven’t thought of that yet. Because legalizing them definitely wouldnt help.

  8. In any other country, this is a massive national crisis.
    In America, it’s just another regular day.

  9. Question is will CNN still exist after Kyle Rittenhouse gets through suing them into the dark ages.

  10. At least you’re free, amirite? Just remember folks, if something isn’t working it means you weren’t doing it hard enough, so it’s time to double down!

  11. Definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different result
    Definition of American insanity: Experiencing the same tragedy over and over and doing nothing about it.

  12. I’m 57 years old I never had a gun watching all this makes me feel like I need to have a gun now this is paranoia or others I just I don’t know if Ward was with this is Chaos total chaos I’m through

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